Nov 19

Halloween: Resurrection

halloweenresurrectionGenre: Horror
Year: 2002
Country: USA

Director: Rick Rosenthal
Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Loree, Busta Rhymes, Bianca Kajlich, Sean Patrick Thomas


Evil finds its way home


Three years ago Laurie Strode was again attacked by Michael Myers on Halloween. She thought that she had wun when she crashed into him with an ambulance car and also beheaded him. It turned out that she did not kill Michael since he had put his mask on a paramedic instead. Laurie has been kept in a psychiatric hospital for the last three years, but on this Halloween Michael once again finds her and this time manage to finally kill her.

One year later, six college students are going to spend the night in Myers old house to film a live internet show where they explore his house and tries to find hints on what made him become america’s most known monster. The production is led by Freddie Harris, who does everything he can to make the show more scary and “real”, but when Michael shows up it goes from television “reality” to real danger.

While Halloween H20 was originally supposed to be the final end to the story, it also made a lot of money. And making money in the horror genre means that there must be a new sequel. They where able to come up with a twitch to the end of H20 that made everything that happened in that movie pretty much pointless and was just a slap in the face of the viewers. If that was the best way to get Michael back, then they should not even have bothered to make a new one.

Bringing Jamie Lee Curtis for a bit just to kill her off wasn’t really necessary at all considering where the movie goes next. I guess it was a way for the producers to make sure that the Laurie Strode character won’t be asked about in the future, but it still sucks.

Rick Rosenthal was back as a director on this one. He did the first sequel to the original and was able to create something watchable with that one, but fails to do anything remarkable with this poor story. The story is simply paper-thin and it would probably not work outside of the Halloween universe and it definitely does not work in it. Basically everything that happens is that the students are caught in the house and Michael pops up whenever he feels like it to kill them off one by one.

None of the characters are given any backstory and none of them evoke any interest from the viewer. The cast isn’t too bad and most of them have had a decent career in Hollywood in spite of this film, so I’m sure they could have done better if they had better material to work with or better direction. Although Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes isn’t known for their acting, they are still big names in their own professions and could have been used better. Tyra has a character that could be cut out of the movie without anyone even noticing it and Rhymes character Freddie is responsible for making us truly annoyed with the film when he is using karate on Michael Myers. Yeah, Busta Rhymes is given a scene where he gives Myers the Bruce Lee treatment…

I think that it is not necessary to write anyone after that. If seeing Busta Rhymes kick Michael Myers ass sounds fun for you then see it. If you are sane and thinks that it sounds ridiculous, then avoid this. If you are going to have a Halloween marathon then stack up the booze. If you do then you should be drunk by the time you get to this and that’s the only way you can enjoy this entry in the Halloween series.





  1. Zombob

    I hated this one more than 6!

  2. Cinema Terror

    Me too, but I do think it would work better than 6 if it was not Myers related. I’m hopefully not revisiting any of them in the future anyways 🙂

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