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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

halloween6Genre: Horror
Year: 1995
Country: USA

aka: Hall6ween, Halloween 666: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Origin of Michael Myers

Director: Joe Chappelle
Starring: Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitch Ryan, Kim Darby


Six times the terror… six times the fear… six times the thrills…


There has been six years since Michael Myers was rescued by a man in black in the ending of the previous film. Jamie Lloyd was also kidnapped and is now pregnant. The baby is born on the day before Halloween and is taken away from her. A nurse helps her get away from the hospital with her baby with Michael coming after them. He is able to get a hold of her and kill her, but cannot find the little baby.

Tommy Doyle has been obsessed with the story of Michael Myers ever since he was babysat by Laurie Strode when Myers was after her. He is able to find Jamie’s baby and takes care of him. He runs into Dr. Loomis and tells him that a family who is related to Michael has moved in to the old Myers house in Haddonsfield and they are both convinced that Michael will attack this family so they head out to try to save them.

This was a very troubled production and a badly received sequel in the Halloween series. The writing started back in 1990 and due to legal battles between production companies, the project was never greenlight before we were already midway through the 90’s. After eleven rewrites the filming finally started in late 1994. On the set, director Joe Chappelle and producer Paul Freeman apparently edited the script as they went and there where several big differences from the original story to what was shown in the cinema cut. A producer’s cut workprint later emerged and has been very popular on the black market. The general opinion from fans is that this cut makes more sense and is a much better film than what has been served to the general audience.

The producer’s cut has around 45 extra minutes of unseen footage with a different beginning and ending to the film. It keeps the story more coherent and feels much better put together. If you are going to see this film then I also do recommend that you hunt this edit down, even though it will be in less quality than a DVD of the cinema version.

The movie, regardless of the cut is a mistake from the beginning to the end. The premise of the cult of thorn does not work at all for me and is not executed well in this film. Joe Chappelle (Phantoms, The Skulls 2) is not a talented enough director to make the film work and I’m not even sure why he got this assignment in the first place. He went for a very MTV-ish look on the film and failed to create any worthwhile suspense and thrills.

Jamie Lloyd was a character that we cared a lot about in Halloween 4 and 5. Here they decide to slaughter her off in a brutal way shortly after the film starts. I’m glad that Danielle Harris didn’t reprise her role as Jamie since it is easier to overlook the scene with a different actress that doesn’t  even resemble Harris.

The new family is very uninteresting and their internal drama is only briefly touched upon, which makes it unnecessary and frankly, annoying. The less said about them, the better. Donald Pleasence is back again in what turned out to be one of his last acting roles before he died. He is the highlight of the film, even though Dr. Loomis doesn’t have a lot to do and is not a very important character in the cinema version. In the producer’s cut he has more importance and that is one of the things that make that cut into an improvement.

The revelation of the “man in black” was very lame and more silly than shocking. Michael Myers is reduced once again to a simple boogeyman slasher who just pops up wherever he wants to kill off some annoying victims.

The sixth Halloween film should really have been the final nail in the coffin of Michael Myers. Both versions of this film is poor and the worst films with Myers up to that date. The producer’s cut is better and does take the film from being awful to just being mediocre.


Cinematic version:


Producer’s cut:



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  1. Zombob

    I had read that Danielle Harris offered to come back as Jamie, but the producers thought she wanted too much money.

  2. Cinema Terror

    Yeah, that’s something I’ve read several places aswell. I’m happy that she stayed away from this though.

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