Nov 21

Goodnight, God Bless

goodnightgodblesGenre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: England

aka: Lucifer

Director: John Eyres
Starring: Emma Sutton, Frank Rozelaar-Green, Jared Morgan, Jane Price, Alan Rowlands


Your nightmare has just begun!


A lunatic in a priest outfit goes by a elementary school and starts to kill off the young children. Little Mandy came close to being killed, but because the lunatic was out of more bullets she survived.

The killer wants to kill her off since she was the only witness and he starts to stalk her and her mother Lisa, but also has to get past detective Green who is handling the case and has also fallen in love with Lisa.

This sure is an unknown movie. Also known as Lucifer, Goodnight God Bless is a small slasher film from England that are still awaiting getting a release on DVD or Blu-Ray. It has an incredible opening that sets the tone for a shocking film, but it never is able to follow-up on it. The idea of a serial killer priest is quite good and could have been used better than what it was in this one.

Sadly, the movie gets dull very quickly after the great opening. It becomes a bit of a detective story and that’s not what any horror fan is interested in seeing when they want to enjoy a good and bloody slasher film. We even get a long love montage between detective Green and Lisa which makes you wish there was a killer priest near you that could end the pain of what you are experiencing.

We never get to know the killer or anything about him at all except that he hates God’s children and wants to kill them all. Even though it does have a good body count, none of the murders are very bloody or creative and the film is not fun enough to make you look past all of its obvious flaws.

The movie plays like a typical bad late 80’s slasher from America. It’s a bit of a surprise that this is a British effort. This was the first movie by John Eyres, who would later go to do stuff such as Octopus and Ripper: Letter from Hell. None of the actors do anything worthwhile and the entire thing is simply forgettable.

Goodnight, God Bless is a boring movie with a good opening scene. After the five first minutes, the good parts of the movie is already over, so see the opening and turn it off after that has played. Do not fall into the temptation of thinking that there might be anything worthwhile after that scene.




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