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godzillaGenre: Action / Sci-Fi
Year: 2014
Country: USA / Japan

Director: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, CJ Adams, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen


The king will rise


1998 was the last year that the world saw the King of Monsters, Godzilla cause havoc on the big screen. The American production wasn’t very well received and although it was a decent enough popcorn film, it reminded very little of the “real” Godzilla and was pretty much just a Jurassic Park in the big city type of movie.

Of course in Japan the big G was still doing his thing, keeping himself popular in his home country, but the rest of the world would have to wait for over 15 years before a new the creature would walk right back to the big silver screen… and the wait sure was worth it!

The story this time around starts off in 1999 when supervisor Joe Brody looses his wife in an accident at a nuclear plant in Japan. Brody is convinced that the accident is caused by something unknown that caused an unexpected earthquake which caused the nuclear reactor to crash.

Brody can’t accept the fact that his wife is gone forever and spends the next fifteen years still being obsessed about the accident. His obsession has destroyed his relationship with his son Ford, who has grown up by himself to become a bomb expert in the US Navy. Ford travels to Japan to help his father out after he has been arrested for snooping around in the supposedly abandoned nuclear plant where he used to work.

They get arrested and are taken into an interrogation room at the nuclear plant when a new earthquake takes place and a giant monster is unleashed out the place, destroying everything in sight. The faith of the human race is put in another monstrous creature that emerges from the sea and hunts after the first flying creature, the creature from the sea called Godzilla!

This new version of Godzilla has received some negative feedback because it takes its time to build up to the monster fight. I think the so-called slow buildup works just fine, although the human characters are cliché and dull. I didn’t think this film had any boring spots and even though I’m not exactly the biggest fan of big Hollywood popcorn films, I must admit that I had a wonderful time enjoying these monsters raise hell and destroy everything that come close to them.

The first hour of the film lets us see very little of the monsters. Instead the story focus on the human characters, led by the All-American soldier Joe Brody. Most of the film follow him trying to get back to his wife and son, while still feeling the need to provide help to the military against the giant monsters. He and his family are all very cliché with Joe being the “good guy” and his father being a scientist that have become nearly crazy due to his loss of his beloved wife.

The story of the broken family and all of that are just time wasted while we wait for the big monsters to emerge on the screen, but even if I had no interest in any of the characters I think I was just prepared and expected a boring story about humans to wrap around the monsters. It would just be very surprising if a big budget Hollywood film did anything else and new. What’s sad though is that the japanese character Dr. Ishiro Serizawa is so one dimensional as actor Ken Watanebe is a much better actor than what he is allowed to show in this movie.

Skipping to the good part and the reason why anyone would want to see this film, the special effects and the monsters are absolutely awesome! The cinematography and scope are great and when the monsters are on the screen you get a real scene of us humans being puny little ants compared to them. They can do absolutely whatever they want to us and we will just have to accept and take it. Godzilla himself looks fantastic and while we have to wait about to see him unleash his powers, it is all worth it.

The 2014 version of Godzilla is a respectable version of the Japanese monster and it beats the hell out of the last american attempt of bringing him to the screen. It might be a bit slow for the impatient ones, but I had fun from start to finish. Ignore the human characters and have fun while the big G kicks some giant monster ass in Godzilla!




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