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goblinGenre: Horror
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Director: Jeffrey Scott Lando
Starring: Gil Bellows, Tracy Spiridakos, Camille Sullivan, Donnelly Rhodes, Reilly Dolman


He wants you badly.


The Perkins family is going to spend the upcoming Halloween at a cabin out in the woods near the little town called Hollowglen. That town has a dark secret that goes back to the 1800’s when the town was cursed after their annual ritual of sacrificing a baby for good fortune.

The curse made a goblin appear from the fire, haunting the town and wanting an infant baby every Halloween since. Unfortunately for the Perkins, they are bringing their new born baby to the town and even if the older locals warn them, they find themselves being this years target of the bloodthirsty goblin.

Goblin is a Syfy movie that doesn’t suck and it isn’t a “so-bad-its-good” film either. It’s actually a quite decent horror film, although with some irritating flaws. The Goblin monster is a cool looking creature that benefits from having most of the CGI hidden under a cloak and the effects on the creature isn’t all that bad, except on the ending when the entire monster is revealed.

The story might not be that original, people go to the woods, get a warning from a weird old man and then bad things happen. But that’s ok, you aren’t putting this film on and expecting to be blown away either. It’s supposed to be a decent time waster and that’s what it delivers.

The Perkins family is made up by the father Neil (Gil Bellows), his daughter from a previous marriage Nikki (Tracy Spiridakos), his new wife Kate (Camille Sullivan) and their new infant. Nikki’s friend Cammy (Erin Boyes) has also come along for the fun. As to be expected there is some family drama here with Nikki not feeling as loved as the new child of the family, something that would work better if it wasn’t for the fact that Nikki is supposed to be a seventeen year old girl who should just get over it since her father seems to be loving and her new stepmom is an alright lady. Nikki and Cammy also finds some local boys to keep them company, one ending up being very helpful when shit hits the fan.

The standout out of these characters is actually Cammy, who is a big breasted blonde chick that avoids being a cliché role because of the way she supports Nikki during her family issues. She knows that Nikki is overreacting to stuff, but is still being supportive and positive. It also helps that actress Eric Boyes is breathtaking to look at and also brings some warmth to the character and seems very comfortable in front of the camera.

Goblin is directed by Jeffrey Scott Lando. I have reviewed, but not posted another Syfy film he has done called Boogeyman and without spoiling too much from it I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the craftmanship on that film. Here however I do feel that he did well. The relationship between the characters work, most of the acting is alright and the pacing is very good. It did irritate me that the shots of the Goblin wasn’t done in the dark, since there were potential for several great shots of the creature outside if it had been done in the nighttime. There are also some limitations of working on TV that holds this back aswell. It would be a good movie to have some nudity in and although there was some gore, I would have liked to see a little better gore and not so much CGI.

Goblin is not a great movie, by all means, but it’s not as bad as you might expect going in to it either. It is a decent movie to put on a watch for 90 minutes and thanks to the effort of the filmmakers and cast it never becomes boring. I only wish that some of the flaws would have been eliminated so it could have been a good monster film.




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