May 30

Goal! III

goal3Genre: Drama
Year: 2009
Country: England

aka: Goal 3: Taking on the World

Director: Andrew Morahan
Starring: JJ Feild, Leo Gregory, Kuno Becker, Kasia Smutniak, Anya Lahiri


The 2006 World Cup in Germany is coming up and the Real Madrid trio of Santiago Munez, Charlie Braithwaite and Liam Adams are all hoping to get called up for their national squads for the tournament.

Before the World Cup has even started, they all end up in a car accident that puts Munez on the sideline. Adams is also informed that he has a young child back in England and this becomes a wake up call for the guy who has so far spent his life being careless. How will all of this affect their dream of winning the most prestigious trophy there is in the world of football?

So, after watching Santiago Munez rise from poverty and into football fame in the two first films and seeing that this would take place in the World Cup, it would only be fair to assume that we would experience Munez and his Mexico national team right? It would suit perfectly since Mexico did qualify and was an underdog in the tournament, but no. Instead they gave us two new characters that we don’t know anything about and the focus switches to England, leaving Santi on the sideline as an unnecessary character in this film.

Why they decided to do this is beyond me. Why not let Santi finish his dream with a great World Cup? It was the only thing left for him to accomplish. Would it be unrealistic to let Mexico win the entire cup? Yeah, but would it be necessary to let them go all the way? No. And is it more unrealistic that they would win it than the overrated English national team? To be honest, no.

The two new characters are also not someone you instantly like and instead of having two, wouldn’t it be better to just have one new character to introduce to the audience instead? Liam Adams (JJ Feild) comes off as the same type of guy that Gavin Harris was and even if they couldn’t get the same actor to do the part, they could have just let this new guy play Harris instead of giving us just another identical guy.

And the focus of this film is not football at all. It deals with relationships more than anything. The footballers are seen partying and drinking while the World Cup is going on and the only new football footage we get outside of the stock from the tournament is some laughable green screen stuff where Adams is responsible for missing one of the penalties that sends England out of the cup. I guess even in the cinema world England is unable to win a penalty shootout. You also have to wonder why Santiago would be ringside and cheer for England during the World Cup instead of his home country Mexico, but I guess it made sense to someone since this project got the greenlight…

Andrew Morahan is the guy responsible for directing this crap and from quickly browsing through his IMDB page it seems like he has mostly been a music video director. You would think that would mean that he would deliver some fancy shots or something, but no. There is also some attempt to add comedy to the film, but it falls flat aswell.

An appropriate name for this film could have been Goal 3: Killing the Dream since this obviously killed the story. There’s been plenty of trilogies where the third film is the weakest and this is no different. It’s nothing in this that would please fans of the two first films and nothing for new people to the trilogy to enjoy either. Avoid.




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