Feb 14

Getting Lucky

gettingluckyGenre: Comedy
Year: 1990
Country: USA

Director: Michael Paul Girard
Starring: Steven Cooke, Lezlie Z. McCraw, Rick McDowell, Garry Kluger, Jean Stewart


Fun, games and high school lust!


Bill is a lonely nerd who enjoy spending his free time recycling used bottles and other trash. He is deeply in love with the blonde cheerleader Chrissie. She is however more into the hunky perverted school jock Tony, who usually picks on Bill at every chance he gets.

One day, Bill finds a bottle with a leprechaun in it. The leprechaun is called Lepkey and he grants Bill three wishes and at the same time they become best friends. Bill uses his wishes to get a chance with the beautiful Chrissie, but Tony is not about to let the geek get the girl without a fight.

Getting Lucky is a forgotten teen comedy that Troma picked up for distribution. It features the overused good hearted unpopular guy/girl getting the popular person at school by showing them that there are more to people then just looks and popularity.

I’m not sure why they went with this title for the film since that sounds like a different type of teen comedy than a romantic one. I also have to question why they thought the idea of bringing a leprechaun into the picture would be fun and good for the story.

It also becomes very ridiculous at times, a good example being in one of the scenes Bill gets shrunken down and ends up inside Chrissie’s panties, so when he tries to climb out he also satisfies her and she has an orgasm while being in class. That might sound funny on paper, but this scene lasts for around ten minutes. Yeah, ten minutes of a shrunken guy trying to get out of a girls panties.

Since none of the characters seem to have any friends, all the screen time is given to the trio. Bill is a quite boring geek and I don’t see why a hot cheerleader would fall for him at all. There isn’t much fun about this guy and even though he has a good heart, he just isn’t a geek that we want to cheer for.

Chrissie is a cute girl, but the actress Lezlie Z. McCraw looks like she doesn’t want to be in the film. The only time she gives out a natural smile is in the very last scene, which is a shame since he does have a sweet smile. Chrissie is made very stupid here, why would she continue to see Tony in the first half of the film when he comes off as a douche every time they meet? McCraw’s acting also leaves a lot to be desired and this turned out to be her only movie.

Tony is a clichĂ© jerk who even goes so far as trying to rape Chrissie at one point. They could have given all these characters some more dimensions and I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to try to separate themselves from all the other comedies that have already done this before them. The final standoff between Tony and Bill is also laughable, in a bad way.

This is the second film director and screenwriter Michael Paul Girard did after the humorous titled Over-Sexed Rugsuckers from Mars. He seems to still be active in the b-movie business, rounding up nearly 20 directed films, but the only one I’m familiar with is this one. He could have used some help on the screenplay on this one, but his directing isn’t that bad for the material.

Getting Lucky is a teen comedy that you don’t really need to see. There is nothing special here and the only original parts are very ridiculous. I’m sure Troma picked it up because of the panties scene, but that’s not enough to keep me entertained.




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