Nov 19

Frozen Scream

frozenscreamGenre: Horror
Year: 1975
Country: USA

Director: Frank Roach
Starring: Renee Harmon, Lynne Kocol, Wolf Muser, Thomas Gowan, Wayne Liebman


A Real Chiller!


Tom Girard is fearing for his life. He thinks some weirdos in black hoods are out to get him. One night they get him and kills him in front of his wife Ann. Detective McGuirre tries to figure out what has happened (while also narrating over the movie, including scenes with dialogue) and we find out that Tom’s body has been used in an experiment where an evil doctor inject people with a fluid to increase the healing process goes wrong and the subjects turn into zombielike creatures. Oh, and there’s a cult involved here somewhere aswell.

The plot is hard to follow and banal. The zombies are supposed to be soulless, but here every character seems like they have just been injected with some freezing fluid to make them look cold. The dialogue sucks and the acting is terrible. It looks like they are reading off the script while shooting, which probably also was the case. The editing, sounds, pace sucks. It’s just a terrible and amateurish film.

It’s funny that there are three people credited with writing the script. I’m guessing one hold the pen, the other bought the paper and the third oversaw the writing. Director Frank Roach only did one movie after this, the 1984 action movie Nomad Riders. Most of the actors never did anything after this one. Renee Harmon showed up in a few including The Executioner 2 and Hell Riders, Wolf Mauser made a good career in TV and Lee James for some reason popped up in Superman Returns.

Frozen Scream is an awful and inept horror movie. It is so uninteresting and tedious that you will probably need to take a few naps while watching it to be able to finish it. The only way this movie could have been watchable would be if they had some funny scenes, unintentionally or not, but it doesn’t even have a lot of that either.

Movies like this makes you wonder what the BBFC was thinking when they made up the Video Nasties list. This is low on blood and even lower on nudity. There’s nothing here, except dullness that should keep it from being viewed from the public. If anyone would ever start to do heinous crimes because of Frozen Scream, then it would be out of sheer boredom.




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