Mar 13


frostbiteGenre: Horror
Year: 2006
Country: Sweden

original title: Frostbiten
aka: Tale of the Vampires

Director: Anders Banke
Starring: Petra Nielsen, Grete Havnesköld, Carl-Åke Eriksson, Emma Åberg, Jonas Karlström


Dawn is just a month away.


Frostbite is a vampire movie with some comedy sparkled on top of it. It starts off in World War 2 where a few soldiers find refuge in what looks to be an abandoned shelter. They soon find out that the place might not be abandoned at all and that they are not alone. Cut to present day and a mother and daughter is moving to the north of Sweden where it will be no daylight for an entire month. The mother, Annika, starts to work at a local hospital with where Dr. Beckert works, who she is a great admirer of. Dr. Beckert has a strange patient that he keeps feeding red pills.

The daughter, Saga starts at the local school where she quickly becomes friends with the local kids who enjoys doing normal swedish activities such as drinking and doing drugs. She gets invited to a party where they get ahold of these strange red pills and the night ends like every swedish high school party does with bloodshed and carnage.

Every norwegian would know that swedes make good bloodsuckers (joke?). They are well represented on True Blood with Alexander Skarsgård and the absolutely brilliant movie Let the Right One In came from Sweden. Frostbite was made two years previously to Let the Right One In and proclaims to be the first vampire movie from Sweden. I can’t remember anyone else, but I’m sure it’s possible to dig up some older erotic movie from Sweden with vampires.

Frostbite has a concept that is similar to 30 Days of Night which was made a year later than this. The World War 2 scenes were very good and it was a good choice to have the history of the vampires go back in time and also set up a story for both the mother and daughter at their new town.

This is the first full feature movie that Anders Banke has done and he does a good job. It doesn’t take itself too serious and yet doesn’t let it become a comedy spoof movie. The effects are very well done and is a lot better than most american movies in the same budget area. So it’s annoying that we don’t really see any gore in the massacre scene at the party. The cold scenery we got here up in Northern Europe is perfect for filming something like this and it looks great in this movie. The cinematography of Chris Maris should set him up for future work in America.

Emma Åberg is fun to watch as Saga’s goth friend Vega and Grete Havnesköld who plays Saga is adorable. Jonas Karlström is excellent when he becomes a vampire and the rest of the crew does a good job.

Frostbite is a fun, entertaining vampire movie from Sweden that you can enjoy with some friends, popcorn and beer. While I have mostly positive things to say about it and it doesn’t have a lot of flaws, it isn’t creative and original enough to get a better rating.




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