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Fright House

frighthouseGenre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Len Anthony
Starring: Al Lewis, Paul Borghese, Jennifer Delora, Duane Jones, Jackie James


Home is where the heart stops.



Fright House is a collection of two horror stories done by Len Anthony. The first of them has the same title as the film and is about detective Les Morane who is investigating the supposedly suicide of his younger brother. Les uncovers a string of more suicides of young people who all seemed to have sessions with Dr. Victoria Sedgewick and it all leads him into a satanic cult that reside right next to the school campus.

The second story is called Abadon, which is the name of the art school where I think the professor is able to suck the life out of his young students. I’m not totally sure what it was about since it was a big mess and I had a hard time keeping myself focused on the story.

And the reason for that is that this thing is nearly two hours long and terribly awful. There are some unintentional funny scenes, but it is an obscure movie for a reason. They tried very hard to build tension and scare by having generic “horror” music in every goddamn scene of the movie. I hoped that Abadon would be different after surviving the first episode, but that one is just as terrible or perhaps even worse.

Creator Len Anthony does throw a lot of stuff we should enjoy on the screen. We get satanic rituals, plenty of nudity, zombies with fangs or ghouls, plenty of kills and two actors that are known to genre lovers in Al Lewis, better known as Grandpa Munster and Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead. Either they where both low on cash or just happened to be in the area of where this was filmed. If there was any decent money in this production, then I guess it went to paying those two and all the young ladies who display their goodies for the camera. The only other thing that Len Anthony has been a part of is the excellent Document of the Dead as an executive producer.

I’m not sure why these two stories was released together as one film, since they would be less painful with separate releases. The only highlight of this thing is Lewis, Jones and the naked girls. There is nothing else in this two-hour long crapfest that makes it worth your time.




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