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Friday the 13th III

Year: 1982
Country: USA

aka: Friday the 13th III: 3D

Director: Steve Miner
Starring: Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Tracie Savage, Jeffrey Rogers, Catherine Parks


A new dimension in terror…


A group of friends are heading out to a place nearby Camp Crystal Lake to enjoy their summer. Chris had a bad experience in those parts a couple of years ago when she was attacked by a deformed maniac, but she is trying to overcome her fears by joining her friends for this trip.

The maniac that attacked her in the woods was Jason Vorhees and he has just survived a brutal battle with a potential victim just days before the group of friends are heading to his parts. Chris has to once again go face to face with the beast from Camp Blood – Jason.

Jason is back and this time in 3-D… and he gets his famous hockey mask! The third part of the Friday saga plays again much like the first two ones, except this one has 3-D effects in several scenes (usually the death scenes) and is a little more cheesy and colorful than the others. The intro sets the mood right away with the famous theme song being reworked into some sort of disco type of theme song.

Steve Miner is yet again the director and he keeps the film simple and entertaining. The pacing runs good and the murder scenes are fun and gruesome. It ups the ante when it comes to gore after the second film and it even acknowledge its horror crowd by having a Fangoria magazine in one of the scenes. I haven’t seen the film in 3-D and hate that style, but the scenes that use it here at least seems quite well done. It mostly happens in the death scenes or in some scenes where it is incorporated into what else is happening. The downside is that there’s not much voyeuristic shots like in the first two because of the focus on 3-D.

The characters lack the strong hero that the first two had and none of them are very memorable. The teenagers are horny sex-crazed youngsters and potheads this time around, still likeable enough for a movie like this but also an indication on the lack of good characters that we would eventually get in the upcoming sequels. Paul Kratka plays the love interest of Chris and he looks waaaay to old here to be hanging around with young adults.

Dana Kimmell plays Chris and she failed to make a standout character like Ginny from the second and Alice from the first ones. And of course there’s Shelly, the chubby outsider with morbid humour played by Larry Zerner. At first he might seem to represent the stereotype of a horror movie fan, but after a while it turns out that he is just another annoying character. He did do one thing though, his character is responsible for getting Jason his iconic hockey mask.

Friday the 13th III is another good sequel and an above average slasher. Miner doesn’t try to do anything new except adding the 3-D element, but why fix something that isn’t broken and still works right? It’s an essential movie for slasherfans and also a movie that most horror fans should be able to find enjoyable.




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