Jun 24

Force of Darkness

Year: 1985
Country: USA

Director: Alan Hauge
Starring: Mel Novak, Doug Shanklin, Loren Cedar, Mark Milan, Marlin Fischer


The Exorcist opened the door, now someone has made contact




Conrad has not been the most lucky person with his life. He struggles with multiple personality disorder and he’s also possessed by a demon which is slowly turning him into a bloodthirsty killer. He is prowling the streets and it is up to detective Ben Johnson to find him and finally put an end to his madness.

Force of Darkness is a movie that feels like it was made for TV. There’s not really any effects or blood, and sadly there’s not a lot of suspense either. It does have a relevant topic to its times since the occult was a big topic throughout the entire 80’s in America, but there are other films that tackle the subject a lot better.

There is some small twists and the they try to develop all the characters involved, but it’s just not interesting enough that you care enough to get yourself involved with the characters since it lacks any thrilling and exciting scenes. It doesn’t help that none of the actors really stand out either and the general performance is mediocre at best.

Alan Hauge is the director of this and he never made another movie before or after this one. Same goes for nearly everyone else involved aswell, except cinematographer Ken Lamkin, who has done a lot of TV work after this. I guess that does say something about this film.

Force of Darkness is ultimately a forgettable horror movie. So forgettable that no DVD company has remembered to release it either. Writing this an hour after seeing it I have pretty much forgotten about it myself and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than those who are constantly digging for obscure films to see.




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  1. Joe Williamson

    Mel Novak (Black Belt Jones,Bruce Lee’s Game of Death,An Eye for An Eye opposite Christopher Lee and Chuck Norris and more recently Samurai Cop 2 Deadly Vengeance opposite Bai Ling and the upcoming film Check Point opposite Bill Goldberg,Kenny Johnson and William Forsythe) is the only one in Force of Darkness who has starred in a few movies and still is.

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