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The Food of the Gods

foodofthegodsGenre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Year: 1976
Country: USA

Director: Bert I. Gordon
Starring: Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, Ralph Meeker, Jon Cypher, Ida Lupino


One taste is all it takes!


Morgan, a successful football player, packs up his bags and heads out to the countryside with a few of his friends to experience unpolluted nature to get a break from the hectic city life. While they are out to do some hunting, a swarm of giant wasps kills his friend Davis.

Morgan and the rest of his friends are unable to let this event go, so shortly after they go back to this place to investigate and find out what has happened in these woods to make these wasps become so big. They find out that it isn’t only the wasps that have become outrageous big and that there is something very unnatural within these woods.

Food of the Gods is based on a novel by the legendary writer H.G. Wells. It has a great concept that deals with pollution and unnatural food. It is however not done very well in this film and rather just becomes a film about giant animals killing people, which is a shame since there was potential to do more with the story than what the filmmakers did here.

I guess some of the blame for this turning more campy than anything else lies with the choice of director for this project. Bert I. Gordon (B.I.G.?) had done several giant animal b-movies in the 60’s and handled this project in the same way. It’s cheesy, campy, dated and focus more on showing off its poor special effects instead of building on the very interesting concept of all types of animals taking over the world. I would have liked this to be more serious instead of going for fun.

The camp is also enhanced by the poor and now very dated special effects. The animals are not scary looking and it is easy to see how they did the oversizing effects. The narration isn’t very good either, but even if it is a poor film technically it DOES have giant killer animal and regardless of quality, that is always fun to watch for me.

The cast is also better than the movie deserves. Marjoe Gortner, who will always be Akton from Starcrash for me, plays the leading character Morgan and does an adequate job. The other cast is also able to give decent enough performances even if none of the characters are really fleshed out and given enough developement for the viewer to truly care about them.

Food of the Gods is a bad film, but it is a bad film with giant killer animals. The 70’s campiness might ruin it for many and it nearly did it for me aswell since I see so much more potential with this film. This is actually a film I would not mind watching a remake of in the future and hopefully it would be with a bigger scale with more focus on the story and the worldwide threat that something like this would bring towards the human population.




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