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Flesh for Frankenstein

fleshforfrankensteinGenre: Horror / Comedy
Year: 1973
Country: USA / Italy

aka: Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein, Andy Warhol’s Young Frankenstein, Frankenstein, The Devil and Dr. Frankenstein, Up Frankenstein, Andy Warhol’s Flesh For Frankenstein, The Frankenstein Experiment

Director: Paul Morrissey
Starring: Joe Dallesandro, Monique Van Vooren, Udo Kier, Arno Juerging, Dalila Di Lazzaro


We dare you to see…


Baron von Frankenstein is spending all his time together with his creepy assistant Otto on creating a perfect new human race by putting together the best parts of different human beings and then bringing it back to life.

While doing this macabre experiment, he is also neglecting his relationship with his wife / sister Katrin. She gets back at him by bringing in the young male Nicholas to their castle as a servant and sex slave. What Katrin was unaware of was that the head of Nicholas friend is being used by Baron von Frankenstein to create his monster and when Nicholas is made aware of this, he sets out to destroy the evil plans of the Baron and the monster.

Flesh for Frankenstein, or Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein as it is also known as, is one of two Paul Morrissey directed films (the other one being Blood for Dracula) out of 1973 and 74 that tries to amp up the old school Hammer films while keeping a humorous and on purpose cheesy tone throughout the film. Everything from the eurotrash accents to the delivery of the dialogue and the gore is all amped out on purpose to make it as fun for the viewer as possible. To even add to the camp, it was also shown in 3-D during it’s release, even playing in Scandinavian countries (well… Sweden at least).

Udo Kier is so brilliant as Baron von Frankenstein in this movie, it seems like perfect casting for such a cartoonish and over the top character. He delivers each line with so much power (although cheesy power) and I cannot see how this film would work if it had a different actor in this role. The most hilarious moment of the film is after the Baron has had sex with a corpse and screams out to Otto “To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life… in the gall bladder!”.

Yeah, that’s the type of humour that this film delivers. I really can’t wait until I get to see him in the other film I’ve already mentioned here, Blood for Dracula, because if he gives half the performance that he does as the Baron here then I’m sure I’ll enjoy that one aswell. The rest of the cast isn’t that impressive though, all being totally outshined by the brilliance of Kier.

While it’s called Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in some countries, he didn’t have that much to do with it. This is first and foremost a project of director Paul Morrissey, who didn’t have that much of a career besides these two films. He did follow up Blood for Dracula with a version of The Hounds of Baskervilles, but besides that I can’t say I’m familiar with anything else from his filmography.

Flesh for Frankenstein has some incredible fun scenes that lovers of euro-trash surely will enjoy. I’m not sure if the humour is something that younger fans will be able to appreciate, but for me this was a unique and fun experience. And if you like Udo Kier, you owe it to yourself to see it at least once.




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