Feb 03

The First Turn-On

Year: 1983
Country: USA

Director: Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman
Starring: Georgia Harrell, Michael Sanville, Googy Gress, John Flood, Heidi Miller


It’s always the greatest… and the wildest!


It’s the last day of summer at camp Big-Tee-Pee and the wild teenage campers are making the best out of their last day before heading home. Camp counselor Michelle is taking a group of the older teenagers out on a nature walk.

Four of these teens break away from the group to smoke dope, but Michelle knows what they are up to and catches them in the act. However, when they are caught by Michelle they also end up getting caught inside of a cave and to make time fly by they all share their stories on how they each got their first turn-on.

The First Turn-On is the last out of the four sexy comedies that Troma made before hitting a homerun with The Toxic Avenger. There are some hints here on what direction Troma would end up taking with their comedy in that it puts everything that the guys behind the camera believe is funny in front of the camera and hope that some of it works for the viewer aswell.

The story is as straight forward as it could possibly be and it could have worked if it was funnier. There are some scenes where the comedy works, but mostly you sit and wait for the next scene with nudity and thankfully we never have to wait long for that. The girls range from pretty to gorgeous and I bet there was more time spent on getting the eyecandy for the film instead of working on the comedy.

I think that this film could have worked better as a straight erotic or porn film instead, since it is the nudity that is most interesting. If they removed some of the crude humour and tried to make it more sexy than it could have worked much better for me.

Out of the cast, the most known actor is Vincent D’Onofrio who played the fat kid Lobotomy. These days people will recognize him from movies such as Full Metal Jacket and Men in Black, but this is where he got his first movie role. The real standout however is the absolutely gorgeous Sheila Kennedy, who plays the love interest in one of the told flashbacks. While most of the other girls are also good looking, she seems like she came from some high class Hollywood film in terms of her looks. I was not surprised to read that she is a former Penthouse Pet of the Month.

It was also funny to see Mark Torgl show up as a disgusting geek in another flashback story. He would of course again be cast by Troma as their legendary Melvin Junko who would turn into The Toxic Avenger. What sucks is that none of the cast in the leading roles made any big impressions, so it’s the smaller parts that gets your notice in this film.

The First Turn-On is a sexy comedy that doesn’t quite work that well. It’s not the worst out of the four early Troma comedies, but compared to other 80’s teen comedies of the time it does not hold up. There’s plenty of nudity to keep you entertained in between the jokes though, so there are worse ways to spend your time.




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