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evilspeakGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

aka: Computer Murder, Evilspeaks

Director: Eric Weston
Starring: Clint Howard, R.G. Armstrong, Joe Cortese, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson


Remember the little kid you used to pick on? Well, he’s a big boy now.


Stanley Coopersmith (what the hell, no wonder he doesn’t have friends) is a the most hated student at West Andover Military Academy. He has little social skills, is a little chubby and isn’t friends with any of the cool kids there and he stays mostly to himself. He was “shipped” there after his parents died, something the other kids have no problem teasing him about.

When he has to interact with the others, such as in the football team, he usually screws up. Even the teachers and priest doesn’t like this poor guy. The only one at this place who treats him as a human is a black kid who shows up from time to time to say “leave him alone”. One day he gets sent to clean up the basement of the academy’s chapel where he finds an ancient crypt who were once used by a 16th century Satanist. He finds a satanic bible down there and sets up his demonic Apple II computer to translate it. Mixing a dork and occult stuff never ends well and evil is unleashed!

There’s a lot of waiting for Coopersmiths revenge and when it finally strikes, there is plenty of carnage and supernatural powers in play. The effects are done very well and are quite effective. Even though they are great, I wonder if the movie could have been better if they cut the satanic parts and just made dear old Coopersmith take revenge the good old way instead of going for the more supernatural aspect.

Most of the movie shows poor Coopersmith (I really hate that name) getting bullied. It’s done very sinister and it’s easy to feel for the poor guy (even though he has an annoying name). Clint Howard (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Ice Cream Man) plays Coopersmith (ok, that’s the last time I’m writing that name) and does a good job at looking like a loser dork without making him become comedic.

It’s refreshing to see that a movie actually uses a dork looking guy for the part instead of some handsome looking fella in bad makeup. Howard pretty much runs the entire show in this movie. The bad part though is that even though you feel for the guy, you don’t really care that much about him.

Evilspeak (is that even a real word?) takes it time to get started and is mostly about seeing Clint Howard get tormented by his peers. The great effects and gore, when it first shows up are enjoyable and the movie got a nasty tone running through it. See Evilspeak and enjoy yourself.




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