Sep 15

Evil in the Woods

evilinthewoodsGenre: Horror
Year: 1986
Country: USA

Director: William J. Oates
Starring: Brian Abent, Stephanie Kaskel, Jennifer Bates, Diane Casey, Mister Pee


A movie that proves that dying can be fun!


A little boy finds a mystical book called Evil in the Woods at a local library and takes it home with him. The story he reads is about a film production involving aliens and bigfoot that are having huge problems getting the film done. This is caused by a witch and her cannibalistic family and there’s a family who’s looking for their kid together with a sheriff.

Yeah, this one really makes no sense at all. The movie is basically a schlock piece that is supposed to be funny. It’s narrated by an annoying guy and all the jokes seems forced and is not funny whatsoever. The acting is bad, the production is crap and you start to regret pressing play after the first ten minutes. There are some cheap gore, but nothing that can save this film from being terrible.

The kid who starts to read the book pretty much disappears after a while and just pops up randomly at the end. If we’re first gonna have him read this story then why not have him narrate this instead of the annoying jokester? The evil that is in these woods have supposedly been there for thousands of years, but we don’t really get to know anything more about it or what it even is.

None of the involved seems to have gone on and made more movies, which is a good example of how low budget and obscure this thing is. William J. Oates are responsible for the script and direction and I have to wonder what he thinks of it now 25 years later.

Evil in the Woods is a lower than low budget movie from the 80’s that tries to be funny and fails. If you enjoy watching train wrecks than this might be for you, after all it’s not everyday you see a movie with aliens, bigfoot and witches. And that makes it sound way much more fun than what actually it is. Regardless if you like obscure films or not, you should skip this one.




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