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Evil Bong

evilbongGenre: Horror / Comedy
Year: 2006
Country: USA

Director: Charles Band
Starring: David Weidoff, John Patrick Jordan, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd, Robin Sydney


Dude, it’s one SCARY trip!


The geeky chemistry student Alistair arrives at his new apartment that is shared with the always stoned pothead Bachman, the almost always stoned pothead Larnell and the jock Brett who has ruined his future stardom in sports by… smoking pot.

They come over an ad for an old bong in the High Times magazine and orders it right away. The huge and purple bong arrives a few days later and they start a smoking session right away, except Alistair who refuses to give up a few of his many brain cells for a relaxing and fun session thanks to the most popular plant that mother nature has given us.

After a few sessions wi the funky looking bong, Bachman apparently has died. Since the other roommates are having some girls over later the same evening, they decide to hide his body and rather brush it off for now but when Brett also ends up dead, Alistair starts to believe that it is all related to the bong itself.

Evil Bong is Charles Band’s attempt at doing a stoner comedy. Most of the humour is marijuana related and the same can be said about the excellent soundtrack which features stuff from Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse. I’m sure this movie would be even more enjoyable if you are a person who like to get smoked up, but unfortunately for this reviewer I was not under the influence of anything while watching this.

When the stoners die, they transfer to another dimension that is located in a stripclub. A beautiful young and half-naked woman comes over, does a quick lapdance and eats the stoner with her bra while the evil bong is watching. For each death, there is a cameo by a Full Moon puppet like The Gingerbread Man, one from Doll Graveyard and even the Toy Box from Demonic Toys. Hopefully I’m wrong, but it looked to me like they where masturbating while the murders where going on. For the viewer this hilarity is shown in a weed-o-vision of sorts.

That location and the stoners room is the only two that the film is shot in and the entire thing couldn’t have taken long to finish. The characters are very cliché and stupid. Alistair, played by David Weidoff goes overboard with the geekyness and reminds you of a character from an 80’s comedy. It doesn’t work here since we don’t really look at nerds in the same way as we did twenty-thirty years ago. The other characters are for the most part stupid and not funny. There’s some cameos here by Bill Moseley, Phil Fondacaro and Tommy Chong. The first two have small walk-through parts and you’ll miss them if you blink while Chong has a supporting role and has a previous relationship with the evil bong.

Evil Bong is not the worst Full Moon movie and regardless of how ridiculous they are, they usually aren’t painful to sit through. It’s by all means not a good movie, but you could still do much worse and if you happen to be a stoner then I suppose you can have fun with this. Recommended for those who like to light it up and for the rest it’s not something I would recommend buying.




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