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East End Hustle

eastendGenre: Drama
Year: 1976
Country: USA

Director: Frank Vitale
Starring: Andree Pelletier, Anne-Marie Provencher, Miguel Fernandes, Allan Moyle, Beverly Murray


She’s carrying a gun and is going to do something about all the people who treated her like dirt!


Marianne is a young, sweet girl who is working her hardest to provide bread and butter for her family. Her sleazy boss is giving her some extra bucks in exchange for sexual favors and one night he sends her over to see Dan, the local mob boss.

Dan wants to add her to his roster of young girls that he makes money on by prostituting them. But before he settles the deal with her, his ex-employee Cindy shows up and gets her out of the situation. Dan does not take this lightly and sets out to take revenge on them by either getting them back on the streets or just killing them off.

East End Hustle starts allright with a premise of being a movie about the rough life in the inner city, but turns fast into a boring affair that will not keep you interested and definitely not entertained. It’s sad really, a movie regarding prostitutes, mafia, sex and violence set in the 70’s should never be dull.

The start makes you think this will be about the young and naive Marianne, but instead it switches gear and focuses mostly on Cindy, before it seems to switch focus again on other characters and it quickly become a messy and boring affair.

Everyone involved also seemed to be bored with this material and the actors look half-asleep. The only hints of entusiasm of being in a movie comes occassionally from Andree Pelletier who plays Cindy. Anne-Marie Provencher looks innocent enough as Marianne, but her character is never given enough focus for us to start to care for her.

Director and co-screenwriter Frank Vitale had directed another drama called Montreal Man and also been an associate producer on the forgotten horror film Silent Night, Bloody Night before starting to work on this production. I don’t have much positive to say about anything that went into producing this snoozefest and as a director, he has to take a lot of responsibility for that. A good example of a lackluster scene is when two of the mobster henchmen rapes Cindy and it lasts for around 10 seconds before they get out of there. If you’re first gonna have a scene like that, then why would you make it ridiculous by having it end before it even starts.

East End Hustle is a boring movie. It had the premise and subject that would promise quite a sleazy little exploitation film, instead they created a drama where they went easy on the sex and violence. The film is poorly made, forgotten and there is no need to seek it out.




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