Mar 18

Doll Graveyard

Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: Charles Band
Starring: Jared Kusnitz, Gabrielle Lynn, Kristyn Green, Anna Alicia Brock, Brian Lloyd


Reborn for revenge.


Doll Graveyard starts off in 1911 where we see a young girl playing with her beloved dolls and accidentally breaks a vase, putting her daddy into a huge fury. He commands her to dig a hole in their backyard and bury her precious dolls there, but while doing this, the young girl also slips and falls into the hole and breaks her neck. The evil dad decides it’s best to cover it up by burying her with the dolls.

Today there is a nice little family living in the same house. Cyril is the single father trying his best to raise his teenage daughter Dee Dee and her geeky little brother Guy. One night Cyril goes on a date, leaving his two kids in charge of the house. The two sets out to clean the backyard and while doing this, Guy finds a weird old samurai doll. He is very into vintage dolls and admires the thin while Dee Dee just thinks it’s gross. Later on, Dee Dee gets a few friends over. While the house is packed with teens, the ghost of the young girl who was buried with the dolls start to possess Guy and now controls the his dolls to become violent against the others.

This movie marked the return of Full Moon Pictures, a welcoming return in my book. Full Moon’s biggest movie has always been the Puppet Master series and it’s no surprise that the return of the company marks another puppet movie, since that’s perhaps what Charles Band does the best.

Doll Graveyard (I don’t really like that title) is shot only inside this house and it’s a cheap movie. The acting isn’t very good, the characters are very cliché, but still it does manage to have a little charm that Band is so good at putting in his movies. The puppets are cool, as always, and there is some fun humour in it to make it enjoyable. Charles Band is experienced and knows what he does, and the movie paces and looks like most of his movies. It might be a little slow for newer audiences, but I think it works quite well. He is also smart enough to not make it run longer than it should and at only 62 minutes long, so its got a perfect running time.

It would be nice to know a little more backstory about the dolls though, perhaps a sequel would do just that. It would also be nice if they had taken the time on the characters more and bringing more life into them. The movie also doesn’t do much to set itself a part from other Full Moon films, so it does seem to only cater to their own fans and will probably not recieve attention from others.

While I like these sort of movies, I can’t deny that the story is weak and that it doesn’t have a lot to offer for the general audience. It’s a flawed film, but if you like Full Moon then I think you’ll find something to enjoy here aswell.




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