Apr 20

The Devil Inside

DevilInsideGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: William Brent Bell
Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama, Suzan Crowley


No soul is safe.


In 1989 Maria Rossi gets arrested for the murder of three people and locked in a mental hospital in Italy. 20 years later her daughter Isabella seeks out the truth of what happened that night and what caused her peaceful mother to turn into a cold-blooded killer. With the aid of her friend Michael, they document their journey over to Italy. After visiting her mother Isabella attends an exorcism class and tries to get the priests Ben and David to see her mother and perform an exorcism on her.

The Devil Inside is another exorcism movie that uses the handi-cam style, just as The Last Exorcism did. It’s not done as good as in good point of view movies such as Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project. The film fails in building up enough tension and doesn’t get scary enough. Considering the cameraman is supposed to be an experienced documentary maker, there isn’t really any excuse to have so many shaky scenes. Some shots also seemed unlikely that the cameraman did and that goes against the whole purpose of doing a movie with this style. The most brutal part of the film is the retro crime scene footage that is used in the intro.

The exorcism scenes are just the same as what we have seen before. The possessed character screams profanity, speaks in tongues, knows stuff about the others in the room and so on. It’s done a lot better several times before. The ending felt rushed and the scene should have been used as a vehicle to build up more tension and suspense before a bigger end scene.

The script by Mathew Peterman and director William Brent Bell is thin and poor. Although the thought of an exorcism film done in this way is interesting, they failed to add anything new to the subgenre. Isabella Rossi is played by Fernanda Andrade, she is pretty to look at but not very good. The rest of the actors does a decent job, but for a movie that shoots for realism to work it needs to be even better than what we see here. The characters have very little development and its first at the end that we slighty get to know them.

The Devil Inside is a lazy attempt to mix shaky-cam and exorcism that fails to create anything interesting or scary. It’s yet another reminder of how excellent The Exorcist was and still is today.




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