Nov 03

Demon Keeper

demonkeeperGenre: Horror
Year: 1994
Country: USA

Director: Joe Tornatore
Starring: Dirk Benedict, Edward Albert, Andre Jacobs, Adrienne Pierce, David Sherwood


In each of us there is evil, hope he doesn’t find it


Demon Keeper takes place in a mansion where the guests of the phony psychic Remy Grilland (Edward Albert Jr.) have arrived to attend a séance. When one of his guests let him know that they are bringing the famous and genuine psychic Alexander Harris (Dirk Benedict) along for the trip, Remy comes up with a big plan to impress both his guests and Harris by performing an obscure and dangerous ritual. When the ritual takes place, the ancient demon Asmodeus (Mike Lane) gets awaken from his sleep and starts to use the guests weaknesses to make them turn on each other.

Demon Keeper feels like a lackluster production by Full Moon. 90% of it takes place in the mansion, the characters are very dull, the special effects are silly and the demon costume is probably the only thing they used money on except flying the crew to South Africa where it was filmed. The demon looks like the djinn from the Wishmaster movies and frankly was used much better in that film.

The directing is bad and makes you wonder if Joe Tornatore had ever seen a horror movie before making this or if he even cared about the end product. It actually has too many killings and could have been better with less characters, so that we actually got to know some of them better. It also has some nude scenes, which is greatly appreciated and is no doubt the highlight of the film.

The plot of the thing isn’t really all that bad. An unleashed demon who exploits the inner problems that the victims have, such as alcoholism, sexuality and greed is a good basis for a movie. It fails however when the characters are like cardboards, you will forget who struggled with what and you won’t care. Thankfully, they didn’t make this one last longer than 70 minutes, so it is not a painfully long experience to watch.

Demon Keeper is a failed unmotivated horror movie where everyone involved seemed to be out for a quick paycheck. There’s nothing scary in it and the kills aren’t fun either, so skip this one.




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