Jan 23

Death of a Nun

deathofanunGenre: Thriller
Year: 1980
Country: USA

aka: Blood Bride

Director: Robert J. Avrech
Starring: Bobo Lewis, Ellen Barber, Philip English, Sam Gray


A confession… then a killing


Marie is a young, single and unhappy female, being pestered about not having found a male partner yet by her father. She has become 26 years old and the verbal abuse she is getting from her father is becoming worse and worse.

Finally she meets John, a guy that seems to be the right one for her and they end up marrying each other and then move together to start a happy life. The dreams of a perfect and happy marriage that Marie has been dreaming about for years will not be fulfilled when the disturbing past of John starts to haunt their marriage.

Me and this film go way back. I remember paying a good amount of money to buy it on VHS in the mid-90’s (hey, no Internet at the time to research the movie first) after the Vipco cover tricked me into thinking that this might be a brutal exploitation horror film. Boy was I wrong, cause Death of a Nun lacks anything close to blood, gore and horror. It is however a drama / thriller that should never have been categorized as horror and revisiting it now nearly 20 years later I did find it to be a decent film that would do well if it was made for TV, where it really is more suited than in any horror shelf.

It starts out well enough with the abuse Marie is taking from her father, but soon becomes about the romance between her and John before the horror element is brought in when the final act starts. And the horror element lies within John, which makes it kind of difference since the film starts out focusing on Marie.

There is a strange tone to the film that makes it stand out a bit and even if it doesn’t sound very exciting it did keep my attention throughout the entire film. It is the only film that director Robert J. Avrech has directed, but it seems like he is still being active in the industry as a producer and writer. I do wish that he would have sleazed this film up a bit, and if he did it would probably be better known within the horror community. The film is obviously low-budget, but it is handled well and it does have a decent pacing even if the story is very slow.

Death of a Nun, or Blood Bride as it is also known as, is a film about spousal abuse and while it is not made for horror fans it is still a decent small film. It is a weird entry into the Vipco (british distributor) collection and I don’t think it has seen a DVD release yet either, which it does deserve. If you are very curious about unknown films then it might be worth taking a look at it, but the search for it isn’t really worth the effort.




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