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Dead Sushi

Dead-Sushi-posterGenre: Comedy / Horror
Year: 2012
Country: Japan

original title: Deddo Sushi

Director: Noboru Iguchi
Starring: Rina Takeda, Kentaro Shimazu, Takamasa Suga, Takashi Nishina, Asami


The sushi bites back!


Keiko is struggling with insecurities because she does not measure up to the standards of her father who is a famous sushi chef. His constant criticism of her does not help her much either, so she decides to run away and work herself up from the ground by becoming a waitress at a hotel.

One day the hotel gets company by the boss and his closest co-workers of a big company and when the chef of the house Tsuchida prepares some sushi for them in a bad way, Keiko cannot help herself but to speak up and call him out on his lack of sushi skills. However, everyone at the hospital gets something way different to worry about when the sushi starts to come to life, manage to fly and starts to attack everyone at the hotel.

After wearing out the welcome of the ghost movies, the genre movies from Japan seems to have gone in a weird, silly and gory direction. It seems like every small and disgusting idea that someone comes up with ends up becoming a film these days, it is strange to watch, but also an interesting. Dead Sushi is the latest of these and it features flying killer sushi. While it might sound like the silliest thing ever for many, I should remind readers that this is made by the same guy who also did Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. In other words, it is possible to go even wackier than killer sushi.

Noboru Iguchi is one of the biggest names behind these new weird Japanese films and his filmography also includes stuff like The Machine Girl, RoboGeisha and also the F is for Fart segment on The ABCs of Death. While I admire his determination to make films that revolve around the toilet humour he finds funny, I wish he would have used some more time to add more to the story.

I say that because even though I’m loving the idea of sushi coming to life and eating people, but this feels like something that only needed twenty minutes to tell its story. Even if it starts strong with some fun humour about the Japanese obsession with sushi or perhaps rather how we foreigners think the Japanese obsess over it, but it quickly becomes very repetitive once the sushi has been let loose. I would have liked to see it be cut down 20-30 minutes from its 90 minute running time. Ironically enough, the Japanese are usually the best to keep the running time down when they tell very simple stories, but that was not the case with this one.

The sushi is mostly done by using… real sushi but also some bad CGI when they are flying. The film isn’t as gory as you might expect and the blood in it is also mostly done with poor CGI. While there is plenty of computer generated blood, I would have liked there to be more intestines and practical effects gore. The acting is over the top, but it’s also supposed to be that way. Rina Takada is fun to watch as Keiko, while the rest is ok but also forgettable.

If you are willing to sit and watch a movie with killer sushi (and fornicating sushi, singing sushi) then you are accepting that you are about to watch a silly film. I don’t think Dead Sushi hit the nail and didn’t find it as funny as I wished I would and walked away a little disappointed by this. There’s only so few people who would want to see a film like this and some might find it funny, but I feel that this is not a film anyone really needs to see. It’s a poor effort by Iguchi and it gets dull too quick.




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