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Curse II: The Bite

curse2Genre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA / Italy / Japan

aka: The Bite, Blood Biter

Director: Frederico Prosperi
Starring: Jill Schoelen, J. Eddie Peck, Jamie Farr, Savina Gersak, Marianne Muellerleile


Sometimes the body has a mind of its own


The young couple Clark and Lisa are having a road trip through New Mexico when they suddenly starts to run over a big group of snakes in the middle of the road. One snake hitches a ride with their car and when they have to stop by the local town, the snake gets a bite out of Clark.

The place where this happens has been used for nuclear testing and it seems to have mutated the local snakes and after the bite, Clark starts to behave violent and his hand that got bitten is starting to transform into a mutated killer snake!

The Bite got released as the sequel to the 1987 horror film The Curse even though it has absolutely nothing to do with that film except that both films have collaborations between Americans and Italians.

The other thing these films have in common is that I don’t care much for either of them. This one is just dull and silly. How could it not be with the threat being in a mutated killer snake hand. Yeah, a hand that transform into a snake. The snake comes out of the main characters hand. However you write it, it is just so damn silly and I can’t believe that someone wrote a script with about it.

The effects of the weird thing is actually done by Screaming Mad George, but regardless of how you do it you can’t hide that it is a hand turning into a killer snake. Sorry, I’m just not able to suspend my belief on this one. I guess there are some possibilities of making this into a creepy body horror type of thing, but it just doesn’t work here and provides no scares or fun entertainment.

Most of the film focus on the lovebirds Clark and Lisa, played by J. Eddie Peck and Jill Schoelen. They don’t have enough chemistry and neither of the characters are interesting enough to carry the film and make it worthwhile, although they aren’t bad actors either. Schoelen is also very nice to look at and horror fans might remember her from a few other late 80’s and early 90’s horror films such as The Stepfather, Phantom of the Opera and When A Stranger Calls Back.

This was co-written and directed by the Italian filmmaker Frederico Prosperi and it seems like this was his only film outside of being a producer on the 1984 effort Wild Beasts. He does keep the pacing moving well and the ending was done good enough, but at the same time I can’t shake what he was thinking when he wrote the story for this. Would be interesting to read an interview with him explaining to concept of it all.

Curse II: The Bite is a movie that I hardly think anyone would love. Again, it’s about a hand turning into a killer snake, if that sounds interesting to you than by all means, go ahead and find this. For me this was a movie that I will probably have forgotten about in a few years or even months.




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