Dec 30

Creepshow II

Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: Dead and Undead: Creepshow 2

Director: Michael Gornick
Starring: Tom Savini, George Kennedy, Paul Satterfield, Jeremy Green, Lois Chiles


When the curtains goes up, the terror begins!


The Cryptkeeper is back with more ghoulish tales! This is the sequel to one of the best horror anthologies we have seen so far with Creepshow, which came out five years earlier. This time we get three segments and they are all based upon the work of Stephen King and directed by Michael Gornick. It runs more like an average anthology film instead of going for a colorful comic book look that set the original Creepshow apart from all the others. Gornick is mostly known for being one of the regular in George Romero’s crew for the original Dead trilogy. He did very few directing gigs on his own besides this one, which is too bad since the guy knows what he is doing.

The first story is called “Old Chief Wood’nhead” and it takes place in a small abandoned town called Dead River where Ray Spruce and his wife owns a small little store. More and more people are leaving the town to start a better life somewhere else, but Ray believes in the community and wish to give back for everything the place has given to him. They keep an old wooden indian statue outside of their store and when some young punks rob and kill the old couple, the wooden statue takes revenge on them.

This segment is not very good and brings the movie down. It’s a typical Tales from the Crypt type of story, but lacks fun. We know the douchebags are gonna pay for what they do and when the revenge takes place it goes fast without any creativity. It’s just a very dull segment that is only watchable due to the experienced actor George Kennedy.

The second segment is called “The Raft” and it is about two young couples who are having a little road trip to a lake that is seldom visited. Out on the lake there is a raft that they swim out to, but there is also a strange oil flake that is moving towards them and they soon get trapped on the raft by this black oily blob.

Here we go! This episode scared me more from going to the beach than Jaws ever did when I was a kid. I guess it helped that the water where I live is more brownish than it should be and we also had a raft out where we used to swim. The black oily stuff is not explained and the characters seems right even though the acting skills behind them isn’t all to great. It’s a fun and scary segment that I still enjoy a lot even today.

The final segment is called “The Hitch-Hiker” and is about a married woman who is driving home from having an affair with a male prostitute. On her way home she hits a hitchhiker and since no one is around and witnessed that she was responsible, she just leaves the scene. But the dead hitchhiker is out to take revenge on her before she gets home.

This one has the biggest comic book feel out of the three. The hitchhiker is a lot of fun and is just goes way over the top and crazy. Lois Chiles has to carry the episode since most of it is her alone in the car and she is alright in her role. The amount of fun of this episode makes it just one of the best from both Creepshow movies.

The wrap-around story is about a young kid named Billy who is ecstatic about getting the latest copy of the comic book named “Creepshow”. Billy is often bullied by a bunch of older kids and he is plotting a plan to take revenge on them.

The wrap-around goes from live action to animated and while it does give a little comic book visuals to the film, it’s not very interesting or fun.

Creepshow 2 does not hold up when compared to the original and it’s mostly because of the more normal visual look and the poor first episode and wrap-around. It doesn’t have the same feeling of being a labor of true love like the first one has, then again not many other movies do compared to Creepshow. On its own though, it’s still a strong horror anthology movie and two great segments out of three is better than most other ones out there. Forget about the first one when you watch this and you should be entertained.




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