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Children of the Night

childrenofthenight2015Genre: Horror
Year: 2014
Country: Argentina

original title: Limbo

Director: Ivan Noel
Starring: Ana Maria Giunta, Toto Munoz, Sabrina Ramos, Lauro Veron


They’ve already begun…


Alicia is a working as a report and gets invited out to a children’s home called Limbo to see how they are running things and living in peace with each other. She is greeted by the elderly woman Erda, who is running the home.

Alicia thinks she is brought there to make a story about the sickness that the children at the home are dealing with, but it doesn’t take long before she is let into the secret that the young ones are not that young after all. In fact, they are all undead vampires, stuck in their young bodies for all eternity and that leaves the question of why they have invited her to their little community?

Children of the Night is a small budget feature film from Argentina. It is not a regular horror film, so do not go into this expecting scares and violent images. Instead the film is a… umm… it’s trying to… I have no idea what the point of this was or what it was supposed to be or who was the target audience for this, if it even had any.

The first thing you are greeted with when the film start is the digital looking production values of the film. It looks horrible and I hated it. It looks like what a soap opera from South America would look like in the late 90’s. It also contains some very atrocious music and a small music loop of the theme song that keeps being played basically every fifth minute and it actually feels like it’s trying to drive you crazy.

I had trouble getting the tone of the film. It goes from serious to child humour at times and I am not sure if this is supposed to have some meaning behind it or if it is just supposed to be silly. The acting is mostly poor, which isn’t that surprising considering there is a lot of child actors in this film and we all know how great kids are for carrying a movie. The main actress Sabrina Ramos, who is playing Alicia stands out and delivers a decent performance. The rest is poor and act like they are coming from a soap drama background if they had any acting background at all.

It sucks that I had so many problems with this film as the story does have something to it. I do think that there is a potential with the premise here and this is actually a project that could benefit from having a remake with a bigger budget and better cast and crew. I doubt that will happen though as the movie would have to find an audience first before getting the attention from international film producers.

Children of the Night did not work for me at all. It should be noted that even though I sadly hated the experience of seeing this film, the were others that saw it at the film festival Ramaskrik here in Norway did enjoy this and found much to enjoy about this film. For me this was just a bad experience on all parts.




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