May 22

Children of the Corn: Genesis

childrenofthecorngenesisGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Joel Soisson
Starring: J.J. Banicki, Diane Peterson, Kai Caster, Kelen Coleman, Tim Rock



The young couple of Tim and his pregnant girlfriend Allie is finding themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere after their car has broken down. They follow the telephone lines and comes across a small little countryside house where they seek help.

The old man who owns the home almost reluctantly let’s them in to use the telephone and they also are allowed to stay over night so they can get a ride with a delivery man who is passing through the place the next day. However, the night does not go as the couple had hoped for when they find out that the creepy man has a child locked up in his shed and that a supernatural entity is present at these grounds.

Since neither the crappy late 90’s sequel or the Syfy TV remake was able to kill off the franchise, Dimension Films decided that it would be a good idea to make another sequel to secure the rights to the franchise for the next years. Why they decided to go with a story that has nothing to do with the franchise is something I don’t understand and even if they decided to venture outside of the premise from the franchise, why would this story seem good to anyone? Even just redoing the original story again would be a better idea than the crap they tried to pull off in Genesis. Because of the low budget it also has very few characters and for 95% of the time takes place on one single location.

I guess an improvement over the previous sequels is that the couple of this one isn’t annoying. You are just not sitting around and hoping that they are going to die, which is actually a big improvement over both the previous sequels and the Syfy remake. However, any efforts from the actors gets lost because of the incredible shitty story that the movie is built upon. It even doesn’t help that Billy Drago is in the film as the weird farmer guy.

Drago is an actor who is easy to love or hate, but I do like him a lot here and he is the only aspect of the film that are fun to watch. The couple is played by Tim Rock (looking like a b-movie version of Enrique Inglesias here) and Kelen Coleman, while Barbara Nedeljakova from Hostel 2 fame shows up as Drago’s russian bride. The director and screenwriter is a Joel Soisson, who has been working on low budget films since the 80’s and should have been able to create a better story, unless Dimension only gave him a day or something to write the screenplay.

Children of the Corn: Genesis is a rushed production that probably only exist for Dimension to keep on to the franchise rights for a few more years. It’s a shitty story that even Billy Drago can’t save and it just flat-out sucks.




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