May 21

Children of the Corn

childrenofthecorn2009Genre: Horror
Year: 2009
Country: USA

aka: Stephen King’s Children of the Corn

Director: Donald P. Borchers
Starring: David Anders, Kandyse McClure, Daniel Newman, Preston Bailey, Robert Gerdisch



The unhappy couple of the ex-soldier Burt and ex-prom queen Vicky are nagging on each other driving through Nebraska when suddenly a young boy appears in the middle of the road and they run him over.

The boy dies and the couple drives to the nearby town of Gatlin where they try to find some assistance. Gatlin is however not a normal town and there are no adults to be found. The children of the town has taken over and all the adults have been slaughtered and the couple is now finding themselves in danger of ending up with the same faith as the parents of these children.

The Children of the Corn saga had been dead and buried for nearly ten years when this made for TV (Syfy out of all networks actually) remake popped up. The idea was to make a film that was more based on the original story by Stephen King than what the 1984 movie was but although they might succeed on that point (I don’t believe I ever read King’s short story), everything else in this film is worse than the original film and even worse than all of the sequels aswell.

All hopes of this being good is thrown away as soon as we have spent a few minutes with Vicky and Burt. What an annoying couple and did they try to make Vicky as bitchy and irritating as possible? Their dialogue and delivery are dreadful and they don’t only make you wonder what has happened to make their relationship turn into this, but they also make it unbelievable that they ever had some love for each other.

I’ve said it multiple times before, a terrible performance by a child actor can single handedly ruin a horror film and young Preston Bailey is close to doing just that here. Luckily for him, everything else sucks also so he shouldn’t feel to bad about it but how could he get the part as the evil preacher kid Isaac when he can hardly pronounce his lines? He looks like he has no idea what he is saying and there is no intensity at all to be found in this little kid’s delivery or appearance.

The ending didn’t go the same route as the original and I could see it work if the film was done better. There is also a strange sex scene in a church where some of the older children are getting it on in front of the younger ones, even including some nudity which was kind of shocking to see (also appreciated I should add).

This 2009 Syfy remake of Children of the Corn is terribly miscast, dull and a poor new edition of the old Stephen King story. The original has had several poor sequels, but none have ever been as painful and awful as this one. I wouldn’t be surprised that another remake would pop up in the future, cause this one just failed on all levels.




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