May 20

Children of the Corn: Revelation

childrenofthecorn7Genre: Horror
Year: 2001
Country: USA

aka: Children of the Corn VII: Revelation

Director: Guy Magar
Starring: Claudette Mink, Kyle Cassie, Michael Ironside, Troy Yorke, Michael Rogers


The all-new, terror-filled chapter!


Jamie has been unable to get in touch with her grandmother for quite some time and decide to travel to her home in Omaha, Nebraska to find out what is going on with her. When she arrives, she finds her apartment being condemned with a weird cornfield next to it.

She notices some creepy kids wandering around in the apartment complex and tries to get help from the local police station to locate her grandmother. She is also getting some nightmarish visions of her grandmother and it soon becomes clear to her that there is some evil present that has been infesting the grounds of the apartment complex for years.

Here we go with the seventh entry of Children of the Corn. Who would ever have thought that this simple and little Stephen King story would ever amount to creating this many films, with even two more to add to it after this one. Ever since the fourth one, they have all went in a downward spiral and Revelation will not bring a big smile to the fans of the series either.

There’s hardly anything in this film that would even make you think it is related to the original story. The premise is silly with the urban apartment complex with a cornfield next to it. It feels out of place and I can’t believe that they couldn’t come up with a better idea for a movie than this. Just like the two previous entries, this one has nothing but cheap attempts at scares to deliver to the audience.

According to Wikipedia, this actually had a budget of $2,5 millions. You have to wonder where the money went cause there is nothing going on in this film. Jamie searches for her grandmother for ninety minutes before she finds out that the creepy kids who pop up every now and then are evil and then takes a final battle against them and that’s it.

Claudette Mink plays Jamie and very little is done with the character. She does not carry the film very well and is hardly helped by the poor script and direction either. In the sixth entry they had Nancy Allen and Stacy Keach playing minor roles and underusing them and in this one they have Michael Ironside pop up as a preacher and just fail to take use of him. Why even bring them to the screen if you are not gonna attempt to use them when they are the most experienced and talented actors on the movie? I’m also just gonna throw in some love for Crystal Lowe who plays a stripper named Tiffany in the apartment complex, since she does bless us with some very needed nudity in the film and she is also gorgeous to look at. Thank you Crystal.

Children of the Corn: Revelation has to resolve to adding some nightmare scenes just to remind the viewer that this is supposed to be a horror film. It’s basically a boring mystery film that for some reason has the Children of the Corn brand attached to it for no real reason at all. It sucks, but is still not the worst out of the franchise.




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