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Cannibal! The Musical

POSTER - CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL (2)Genre: Comedy / Musical
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Alferd Packer: The Musical

Director: Trey Parker
Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, Toddy Walters, Jason McHugh


All singing! All dancing! All flesh eating!


It’s 1883 and Alferd Packer has been found guilty of a heinous crime of cannibalism and murder. A female reporter wants to get his side of the story before he is hanged for his crimes, and Packer accepts her offer to hear him out and let’s her in on what really happened.

He tells the story of him and his fellow gold-prospecting friends that make their way to Colorado where they expect to strike gold. They way over to Colorado becomes very long however and they get lost after a few weeks with danger all around them.

Cannibal! The Music started out as a college project back in 1993 by the guys who would eventually go on to create the hugely popular South Park TV series. After they had made a three minute long trailer they secured 125,000 dollars to make it into a full feature film. The effort on this project made the school kick out Trey Parker since he become too focused on this project instead of how other school work.

The finished movie wouldn’t go very far before Troma picked it up and decided to give it as good release as they possibly could. When South Park took off, people started to notice this little film and give it more attention, making it quite a nice deal for Troma aswell. It has even had several live productions over the years.

This is one of the movies that I were looking forward to see for the first time when I decided to do a Troma month since I hadn’t seen the film before. I find South Park to be very funny at times and I love cannibal films, so how could I go wrong with this one? Sadly…. I didn’t find it very funny and was disappointed.

That’s not to say that the film is terrible, but I just expected more laughs. It’s still a well made films for such young filmmakers and you can also see some stuff that they would use again in the South Park series, which I’m sure fans of South Park will have a lot of fun with. The music is done quite well, as they also would do in their future projects and they also make a believable western setting.

It gets quite gory in a few scenes but is overall very tame when it comes to violence. The humour is also not as gross as you would expect. The acting is alright for a low budget film like this and I’m guessing they go a little over the top at times intentionally. Some might also find the humour to be a little juvenile, but what would you expect from a film like this.

Cannibal! The Music was disappointing for me. It’s not by any means the worst film I’ve seen lately, but I just expected a lot more considering the future Trey Parker and Matt Stone was going to have. It’s a decent film, but not something I would want to revisit anytime soon.




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