Oct 31

Cannibal Hookers

cannibalhookersGenre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: I Will Dance on Your Grave: Cannibal Hookers

Starring: Drew Godderis, Sky Nicholas, Donald Trimborn
Director: Donald Farmer


Killer Bimbos From Hell!


Hilary (Amy Waddell) and DeeDee (Annette Munro) wants to join the Gamma-Zeta-Beta sorority. To join they have to dress up as whores and get tricks that they have to bring to an address given by the leader of this sorority, Stephanie (Sheila Best). Instead of picking up johns, Hilary’s boyfriend Bruce (Tommy Carrano) and his two friends shows up and they decide to bring them to this mysterious address instead of whoring themselves out to strangers. The address goes to a mansion where a bunch of gothic looking whores resides with some bald cannibal freak named Lobo (Gary Levinson). One of Bruce’s friends stays at this place while the others leave and when he ends up missing they have to figure out what is really happening at this mansion.

This movie looks and plays like a porn movie without having sex scenes. You would have no problem inserting x-rated scenes into this without it damaging the balance, or rather lack of, in the movie. I would have enjoyed it more if they actually did that. All the girls in this looked trashy and I was surprised to find out that they weren’t involved in the adult entertainment industry. Director Donald Farmer doesn’t seem to have a history in porn either, but have made quite a few b (or c) movies including unknowns such as Scream Dream, Dorm of the Dead and recently Shark Exorcist. Yeah, Shark Exorcist is a real movie.

It has a lot of nudity, but even that can’t save this from being a total atrocity and pitiful attempt of making a movie. The only thing they did right was to make this last «only» 67 painful minutes. The only other positive thing is that I’ll never have to see this crap again, ever!

You will be lured in by the title, but believe me in that you do not need to see this crap.




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