May 03

Camel Spiders

camelspidersGenre: Horror / Action
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Jim Wynorski
Starring: Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell, Melissa Brasselle, Frankie Cullen, Hayley Sanchez


They really get under your skin


Captain Mike Sturgess and his squad is in a tough battle against Taliban soldiers in Iraq. Suddenly, the Taliban soldiers stop shooting back and are found dead. Sturgess brings the bodies of his own fallen soldiers back to the US, but it seems like he is taking home more than he wished for.

While driving a truck with the bodies in the back, a coffin falls out and a group of camel spiders are let loose to terrorize the nearby small town. Sturgess and his Sergeant Shelly Underwood starts to work together with the local sheriff Beaumont to try to fight them off and keep the locals safe.

Camel Spiders sees a collaboration between the legendary producer Roger Corman, b-movie director Jim Wynorski and of course the Syfy channel. It is actually supposed to be based on real events from the Gulf War in the early 90’s, although very loosely of course.

You would do yourself a bad favor if you go into a film called Camel Spiders from Syfy expecting a good cinematic experience. What you wish for is some cheap fun and silly entertainment and I didn’t get that from this film.You don’t get the sense that everyone involved seemed very enthusiastic about working on this film and the lack of a happy atmosphere does turn the film into a bore at times. It also slows down too much at times, giving room for some emotional character scenes that do not work whatsoever since all the characters are dull, caused by there being just too many of them with their main purpose being food for these camel spiders.

In one hand you might expect more from an experienced duo such as Wynorski and Corman, but if you actually watched some of their newer films then you might not be that surprised. While they might have plenty of experience, they also don’t have any enthusiasm for this project and it was something they obviously did for a paycheck.

Some of the actors are also experienced such as Brian Krause (Sleepwalkers, Within the Rock) and C. Thomas Howell (Hot Boyz, The Hillside Strangler) and they looked bored as hell in this film. I would rather have seen some more inexperienced actors get these parts instead since they would just be excited to be a part of a movie, even if it was for Syfy. The spiders are made up of CGI and they aren’t terrible, but it’s still obvious CGI.

Camel Spiders is not the worst film that has come out of Syfy, but it’s not one of their better efforts either. It’s just not fun enough to sit through and it doesn’t help that the people involved looked bored with it either. There are hundreds of films like this being released each year now (a lot of them thanks to Syfy) and I don’t see any reason why you should choose this over any of the others.




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