Oct 16

Cabin in the Woods

cabininthewoodsGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Drew Goddard
Starring: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams


If you hear a strange sound outside… have sex


A group of college students are getting ready for a weekend of fun in a remote cabin in the woods. What they are unaware of however is that the place is controlled by a group of scientists who are constantly watching them and orchestrating what will happen to them.

Cabin in the Woods is a film that I have been told to see before reading anything about it. I guess it’s due to the story and twist being something that you should experience without any previous knowledge of it, even though it’s not actually a big reveal in the film. In the very first scenes there are very clear hints that this will not be a typical horror story.

It doesn’t play like a regular horror movie, but is more of a satire, spoof and/or homage on the typical horror film clichés, here displayed with young adults going to a remote place for a weekend and having something bad happen to them. It seems like the filmmakers is commenting on the repetitiveness of the horror genre or even mocking it at times. I’m not the biggest fan of films that reference themselves or film genres, but did find this to be a fun and original film. I’m sure a lot of viewers who expected a regular horror film would be disappointed though and that’s due to the fact that there is really no good tension or scares here and that is what most people will look for when they want to watch a horror film.

We have the typical innocent leading girl, her love interest, their friendly couple who consist of a jock and a regular hot blonde girl and last but not least their stoner friend. The actors are ok and the most likeable one is the stoner Marty, played by Fran Kranz who manages to be the comedy relief character without becoming distracting or annoying. I did think the final decision done by the remaining characters at the end was a little out of character, although I can understand why the filmmakers wanted to go for that type of ending, given what they where trying to say here.

This is a creation by director Drew Goddard and the more famous producer Joss Whedon who both wrote the screenplay together. Whedon is mostly spending his time involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days and he directed and wrote the big blockbuster The Avengers and also writing the screenplays to Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. Goddard has been a regular collaborator for Whedon during his career and Cabin in the Woods is his first effort as a director, a job he handled quite well.

Cabin in the Woods is original and entertaining, but nothing more than that. I should also note that it has gotten a lot of good praise by horror critics, so even though I didn’t fall in love with it, it is still worth to give this film a shot.




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