Mar 27


nocoverGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Jeffrey Scott Lando
Starring: Eddie McClintock, Amy Bailey, Christian Hammerdorfer, Danny Horn, Ian Redford


A couple of kids are playing football and before they go home one of the bigger kids throws Jacobs cellphone into the window of an old house. The house is known since a creepy guy called Old Man Skinner lives there. Jacob goes in to find his phone and removes the chains off the door to the room where his phone should be.

Before he is able to go in and retrieve his phone, his older brother Isaac yells after him since Skinner is on his way home. What they don’t know is that the chains on the door was there to hold the Boogeyman captive, and now he is free to kill whoever he can get his hands on.

Skinner is found dead shortly after and the case is handled by deputy Michael, who is the father of Isaac and Jacob, and his partner Rebecca, who turns out to be the daughter of Skinner. They now have to hunt down the Boogeyman and stop him once and for all.

I think it’s a good idea for Syfy to tackle the Boogeyman and use that title for a new horror movie. The previous ones who have used that title has failed in creating a classic horror movie that is worthy of such a good title. They made a decent looking monster here, but everything else falls too short, sadly.

This Boogeyman has connections with the biblical Cain and Abel story, something which isn’t really explored enough to make sense and doesn’t add more “power” to this evil character. He walks around slashing any human he can find, but the killings are not creative enough and also lacks a decent amount of blood to make them interesting and fun. After a while it also turns nearly into a family drama instead of cranking up the horror and a lot of the scenes seem like they where only there to fill out the length of the film without adding anything to it.

The actors are as bad as you would expect on a Syfy movie. Eddie McClintock becomes very annoying as Michael when he has to spew out jokes that are not funny at all and at times just out of place from the scene he is in. His two kids also seems like typical brats that are not easy to give a crap about. Amy Bailey does seem to at least try as Rebecca and I guess that’s all you can ask for here. Director Jeffrey Scott Lando has done some other genre movies before this, including Haunted High and House of Bones, I haven’t seen any of his other work though. He doesn’t show any creativity that makes me rush out to get any of his other movies either really.

Boogeyman is another one that does not deserve to use the great title it has. It’s a standard horror movie from Syfy and it just lacks quality in all departments and will not be remembered in the future. The only good part is perhaps the fact that it has a decent body count and the Boogeyman doesn’t look that bad.




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