Jan 29

The Bone Collector

bonecollectorGenre: Thriller
Year: 1999
Country: USA

Director: Phillip Noyce
Starring: Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifah, Michael Rooker, Michael McGlone


Serial killer vs. forensic genius


A serial killer is loose in the streets of New York, hunting and murdering innocent victims while leaving very calculated small clues behind him. Amelia Donaghy, just another regular city cop, finds one of the victims and is able to stop a train in order to save the evidence that have been left behind by the demented serial killer.

Her actions impress Lincoln Rhyme, a legendary forensics expert who are now giving up life after being paralyzed after an accident, and he makes her become involved in the investigation to hunt down the killer before he strikes again. They will soon find out that Rhyme himself is a reason why the killer is out hunting down more and more victims.

The Bone Collector is a high budget ($73 million) thriller based on the crime novel by author Jeffery Deaver. It doesn’t add much originality to the crime thriller genre, but it takes the format and does it quite well. The film works because of the good performances and also because of the talent behind the camera.

The thing that takes it down a notch however is the script. The big reveal of the killer don’t work at all and few will manage to be shocked or find it to be well written. The killer ends up coming in from basically nowhere and they could really have done something better with that character.

The characters played by Denzel Washington and Angeline Jolie however are done correctly. They have great chemistry together, their characters come alive and both have complex backgrounds that make them very human and realistic. They both deserve a lot of credit in making this film work as well as it did. The supporting characters, played by people such as Michael Rooker and Ed O’Neill, are alright and fun to watch.

I liked the way director Phillip Noyce shot the film. It looks good without trying to take anything away from the main story and characters. The cinematography is great and there is also a few grim scenes aswell, well perhaps not that grim to horror fans but for the mainstream audience I’m sure they where grim enough. The film also runs along in a perfect pace and I’m surprised that Noyce haven’t done any other films that I have found worthwhile yet.

The Bone Collector is a good high budget thriller that I keep revisiting every now and then. It’s not a must see film by any means, but it is an all around solid and entertaining film. It is more for the mainstream audience though, so fans of Italian giallo films will probably need more blood and guts to be satisfied.




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