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Blood Feast

bloodfeastGenre: Horror
Year: 1963
Country: USA

aka: Egyptian Blood Feast, Feast of Flesh

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Starring: William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason, Lyn Bolton, Scott H. Hall


Adult Horror!


Fuad Ramses works as a caterer, but his real passion is to slaughter women as sacrifice offers to Ishtar, an Egyptian God who he wants to bring back to life. His next assignment to please his God is to serve dinner for Suzette’s surprise party and the only thing that can save her from being used in a sacrifice is if her boyfriend and local detective Pete Thornton is able to find out who is responsible for all these murders before Fuad gets ahold of her.

Blood Feast is about gore, gore and more gore! It’s said to be the first American splatter movie, although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is able to dig up a gory movie even before 1963. The plot isn’t important or even tried to make interesting, it’s all about the red blood, mutilation and body parts.

The first, second and third reaction you will have while watching Blood Feast is wondering what the hell you are watching. It’s very low budget and with acting so bad you have to wonder if it’s done on purpose. The editing is done sloppy without any concern to keep the film coherent. There’s music that seems out of place and is just strange throughout most of the scenes. Basically, you can easily call this the splatter answer to Plan 9 From Outer Space. While there is some charm to this, most people will be put off and have a desire to turn it off within the first fifteen minutes.

Mal Arnold (Scum of the Earth, Vampire Cop) had the dubious pleasure of starring as Fuad Ramses, looking like a z-grade Bela Lugosi with some extra bushy eyebrows. He speaks very slow and awkward, I think perhaps he was supposed to be egyptian in the movie? Whatever the reason, it’s just weird. The former Playmate of the Month Connie Mason plays the heroine Suzette and except being the eye candy, she doesn’t display any real talent.

The film is directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, famously known as The Godfather of Gore after several more gory pieces after this one. The following ones did have more story to them and most of them are better than this including the highlight for me 2,000 Maniacs. Even though he’s getting up in age, he actually did a sequel to Blood Feast in 2002 and also made another new movie in 2009.

Blood Feast is interesting due to its historical value, but as a movie it is boring and frankly sucks. The only way I can see anyone enjoying this is if you where watching it in 1963 and got shocked by the brutality and gore which had never been done before at that point. Even so, it should be watched by gorehounds once for the historical aspect.




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