Nov 08

Blood Clan

bloodclanGenre: Horror
Year: 1990
Country: Canada

Director: Charles Wilkinson
Starring: Michele Little, Robert Wisden, Gordon Pinsent, Anne Mansfield, Jacqueline Dandeneau


They said it could never happen again… They where wrong! 


Blood Clan is set in 19th century Scotland and starts with judge William McKay (Gordon Pinsent) overseeing the massacre of the cannibal clan who believe they get power by eating human hearts. While seeing this bloody slaughter, McKay finds a young, innocent girl who he cannot let die like the rest of her family. He makes the decision to adopt the girl and sacrifices the family’s luxurious life and moves to a small town.

We then fast forward about 20 years and little Katy (Michele Little) is now a grown woman, still living with the McKay’s in a small city. Margaret (Anne Mansfield), her stepmother, treats her badly and Katy knows that she never was wanted by her. She got a better relationship with her stepsister Mary (Jacqueline Dandeneau), even though she doesn’t feel like she can fully trust her either.

The peace is broken when a child ends up being murdered. Judge McKay and his newly arrived assistant Stuart (Robert Wisden) does whatever they can to make sure Katy stays safe while the local sheriff and even her stepmother is blaming her for the murder. Is she innocent or has she inherited the blood lust from her family?

Blood Clan is a decent dialogue driven movie with an interesting story. The actors do a good job, especially Michele Little makes a very sympathetic person out of Katy. It could however have been interesting to get to know the Blood Clan more to really understand where Katy came from. And I’m sure they must have had some good backstory, after all they were cannibals! The twist in the end works well, but by that point it’s easy to have lost interest.

Blood Clan has ended up being a forgotten movie and it’s not hard to see why. It’s not a movie that sticks with you after you have finished it, but it is a decent effort.




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