Jul 02

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Year: 2010
Country: USA

aka: Birdemic

Director: James Nguyen
Starring: Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Tippi Hedren, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne


Why did the eagles and vultures attack?


Rod is a young and successful software salesman who stumbles across his old classmate Nathalie one day and asks her out. The two develop a relationship and both of their careers seem to skyrocket after they meet each other. Rod receives a large bonus at work and starts his own business, which becomes an instant success and Nathalie strikes gold with her model career and gets an assignment by Victoria’s Secret.

After a romantic night at a motel, the couple wakes up by the sounds of angry birds outside of their room. They find out that a group of eagles and vultures have started to attack humans all over the city, even exploding into flames by striking the ground. They set out a plan to leave the town and get away from the horror of these bloodthirsty birds.

Birdemic is now known as one of the worst movies of all time and at the time of writing this review it is sitting on the bottom #6 place on the IMDB worst movie list with an impressive 1.9/10 score after being votes on nearly 5,000 times. Since I’m no stranger to shitty movies, I was more interested than scared away by those numbers. Hell, I still remember when Troll 2 was at the very top of that same list and I’ve survived watching that film so how rough can a film about killer birds be?

On a technical level, Birdemic is absolutely one of the worst I have ever seen. The story makes no sense and gives no attemp at explaining anything that is going on. The blame for the bird attacks are put on global warming and how we humans mistreat mother earth. This is told by simply having characters say it to us, without any necessary explanation on exactly how that would make birds go birdshit crazy. The dialogue is beyond terrible, the acting is mostly awkward and uncomfortable with Whitney Moore being an exception since he smiles her way through the film and will remind you of a prettier version of Jennie Garth.

The special effects are worse than anything that Syfy has ever done, you will not believe that these effects can even be made with a computer when you see them. And birds explode on impact with something on the ground, they explode on impact, they explode on impact! And what should a couple who at the time was in the care of two children do when they are afraid of killer birds? Go on the beach and have a picnic of course!

You could honestly go on and on for more than an hour by listing all the errors of the film, but weirdly enough it seems to give it some innocent charm that makes you sit through it. It’s actually obvious that they didn’t do this bad on purpose, even though that sounds ridiculous when you see how terrible it is and somehow it becomes… entertainment.

Everything is technically wrong with Birdemic: Shock and Terror, but somehow it makes you question what a good movie is when you are done with it. Yeah, it’s done awfully terrible but it was more entertaining than several other slicker films I have seen. And entertaining is the main word here, cause Birdemic is one of the very few films that does succeed as being a “so bad it’s good” movie. And a film that can keep you pay attention for 90 minutes and not make you want to slice your wrist can not be called the worst movie of all time. At the time of writing this, the sequel is getting ready for release and I’ll be honest. I would watch that one and therefore, Birdemic is not terrible on an entertainment level.




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