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The Battery

thebatteryGenre: Horror / Drama
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Jeremy Gardner
Starring: Jeremy Gardner, Adam Cronheim, Niels Bolle, Alana O’Brien, Jamie Pantanella


In a land ravaged by the undead, Ben and Mickey must learn to survive each other


Ben and Mickey are two survives after the zombie apocalypse that are sticking together, trying to survive each day by always staying on the move by driving across the country looking for food and hopefully also other survivors.

After months of not finding any other human life, they suddenly comes in contact with strangers over on a walkie talkie. Mickey becomes upset and obsessed with the people on the other line after they have been rejected by them, while Ben is really couldn’t care less. Their quick communication with these people however will end up becoming life changing and maybe even life ending for the two.

The Battery is an indie film that only had a budget of 6,000 dollars. It has received more and more praise in the horror community after it’s release and the word of the internet is the reason why I decided to seek it out and finally give it a chance.

Although the film is a zombie movie, it is more about the friendship between two unlikely friends instead of guts and gore. It gives us two unique characters in Ben and Mickey that are easy to like, despite their flaws. Mickey, played by Adam Cronheim is the most affected of the two by the apocalypse and he is still not able to face the truth about what has happened to the world and his loved ones. He still wants to have a normal life and is desperate to feel the love of a female again.

Ben, played by the director and screenwriter of the film Jeremy Gardner, on the other hand is able to face the situation and his survival instincts are enough to keep them both alive. Although Ben is more cynical about what’s happened, he also need the human and hopeful aspect of Mickey to keep his own head straight. They become everything they really have and their friendship becomes interesting to the viewer since they do not seem like two people who would become friends in the pre-apocalyptic world, something they even say themselves in the film.

I cannot give enough praise to Jeremy Gardner for this film. One thing is the fact that he made a full feature for such a low amount of money, another thing is that he was able to create a story that is fully possible to create within that budget and also the fact that he was able to give a new take on the zombie genre. It’s a movie that I don’t believe would be any better whatsoever if they had twice or ten times the amount of money.

If I’m going to be negative about the film then I guess it could be a bit slow for some in parts, especially in the first half of the film where there are scenes when we just watch the two characters days go by. For me they still work though, much in thanks to the excellent soundtrack put together by Ryan Winford that works perfectly for the film.

The Battery is a great film and a perfect new take on the zombie genre that especially adult horror fans should love and respect. The fact that it was made for such a low amount of money also raises the bar for independent cinema, shouting out that lack of budget is no excuse for making a poor movie. Hopefully The Battery will be a movie that will only grow and grow in popularity in the years to come, see it!




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