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Bad Taste

POSTER - BAD TASTE (2)Genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi
Year: 1987
Country: New Zealand

Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Terry Potter, Pete O’Herne, Craig Smith, Mike Minett, Peter Jackson


The bastards have landed!


Aliens have landed in the quiet town of Kaihoro in New Zealand to collect human specimens for an intergalactic fast food chain. The human meat is perfect according to their taste, so they hope to set up a regular route down here and pick us up like cattle in the future.

The only ones who can save us all, or at least the ones who got the assignment is the Astro Investigation and Defence Service (yeah, AIDS) who sends out four of their best agents to investigate the disappearance of the people in Kaihoro.

Peter Jackson has landed! This project was created entirely by his masterful mind and was shot during the weekends for a period of four years. With that in mind, it’s amazing that this thing ended up coherent at all and it shows that Jackson had a clear vision on what he wanted. He served as the director, producer, actor with two characters and even made the special effects, including the alien suits that he made with the help of his mother’s kitchen.

Bad Taste is sort of the ultimate low budget splatter film. Yeah, the production values aren’t great, but the humour is right on point for morbid souls. The look of the aliens, the slapstick humour and the fun characters really makes this into one of the most fun splatter films I have ever seen. The characters are mostly forgettable, although Jackson’s own Derek character is quite a piece of work and he has become quite a genre icon. The rest of the characters is played by his friends and he acting is of course amateurish.

Bad Taste is a disgusting comedy that should not have been as entertaining as it is. Peter Jackson shows off his potential here and looking back at the quality of his early movies, it’s no wonder that he was able to succeed in Hollywood later on. There has always been some small talk about a sequel to Bad Taste and I think the entire horror community would love for him to go back and give us one final low budget splatterfest. Regardless of its flaws and the lack of budget, Bad Taste is something that every fan of gore should have in their collection.

There is a scene in it where a sheep gets blown up by a bazooka, what more can you ask for?




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