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atrociousGenre: Horror
Year: 2010
Country: Spain

Director: Fernando Barreda Luna
Starring: Cristian Valencia, Clara Moraleda, Chus Pereiro, Sergi Martin, Xavi Doz


A local legend becomes a terrifying reality.


The Quintanilla family is found dead and the only clue to what has happened is found in videotapes that they filmed in their last days. The siblings July and Christian have a hobby of investigating urban legends and posting the results on their website. When they are taken to a summer house in the middle of the woods by their parents, they entertain themself by filming the surroundings and investigate a local legend.

The found footage concept is nothing new by now, however Atrocious is like a spanish version of The Blair Witch Project and already seems dated before it was released. I can tell you right away that if you thought Blair Witch was a bunch of people running around in the woods without anything happening, then you can skip this movie and quit reading this right now cause Atrocious is even worse in that regard.

Atrocious is a very amateurish movie with no budget and experience involved. This is the first movie that Fernando Barreda Luna has done and I guess it’s the only way to make a movie when you haven’t got any money, but lack of dinero is no excuse to not add something new to the subgenre. Everything feels like something you have seen before and the lack of creativity makes it quite dull.

And here’s the biggest problem with Atrocious – it’s just boring. I like the POV type of horror movies and get creeped out by movies such as Paranormal Activity or [Rec], but this one I didn’t find any scary or creepy at all. The final twist to the plot didn’t make much sense to me, but by that point I just wanted this to end anyways.

Atrocious is a spanish Blair Witch ripoff that does not work at all. By now there is a lot of other found footage movies out there that actually does work, so there is no reason at all to watch this whatsoever.




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