Sep 29

Among Friends

amongfriendsGenre: Horror / Comedy
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Danielle Harris
Starring: Alyssa Lobit, Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Christopher Backus, Dana Daurey


This dinner party’s gonna be KILLER


A group of friends are getting together for a friendly dinner and a game setup by the host Bernadette. The group is expecting a fun time, but time will show more of the hidden secrets that they have all kept from each other and their friendship is about to become truly tested before the party ends.

Among Friends is the first full feature movie directed by the lovely horror scream queen and talented actress Danielle Harris, mostly known from the Halloween series. It has been awaiting release for over a year before finally arriving on DVD just recently, thanks to Anchor Bay.

The film is mostly filmed in one location and features a group of actor friends getting together to contribute to this low budget project that has been labeled as a horror / comedy. Even so, the film is never any fun and the horror element is only present in the fact that there is a group of people under the threat of a psychotic individual, who is revealed to the audience very quickly on in the movie.

Most of the running time is spent around the dinner table where all the participants of the party is being held captive. This setting gets dull very quickly and since none of the characters are any interesting either. I wish they would have taken some more time to build up the characters before going into the torture stuff, if they had we might perhaps have cared for one or two out of the bunch. Instead they all become annoying and you just want them to get killed off one by one and the film does not have enough violence to satisfy that need either.

The screenwriter, Alyssa Lobit plays the party host Bernadette, while other genre related actors like Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Brianna Davis and even small cameos by Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris herself shows up in the film, but none are able to do much with their characters sadly. The visual style and direction by Harris also sadly failed to excite me although it should be said that the source material here isn’t that strong either.

Among Friends ends up feeling like a waste of time. It fails to engage any emotion from the audience and the only reason to get a copy is if you are a big fan of Danielle Harris and are interested in seeing what she can do behind the camera. I can’t deny that I was a bit disappointed by this, but hopefully the horror queen will be back stronger in the near future.




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