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Amityville: A New Generation

amityvilleanewgenerationGenre: Horror
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Amityville: Darkforce, Amityville 7: A New Generation

Director: John Murlowski
Starring: Ross Patridge, Julia Nickson, Lala Sloatman, David Naughton, Barbara Howard


Terror has a reflection all its own.


Keyes is a young and hip photographer who is surrounded by other artistic young people. One day he spots and photographs a homeless guy and goes up to him for a quick chat. The homeless guy gives him an old mirror that he takes home and gives to his friend Suki. Shortly after, Suki is found dead in her loft, which is now are covered with bizarre and gruesome paintings she had done right before dying. Keyes and his friends make plans to have an art exhibition at their place, but before that Keyes are getting increasingly bad nightmares that seems to show hidden pieces from his childhood and just when the exhibit is going on, things go really haywire.

I guess when you’ve had a sequel about a lamp and a clock, that a haunting mirror isn’t such a bad idea. A mirror can be useful in horror movies when done correctly and movies such as The Boogeyman, Poltergeist 1 and 3, Candyman and well… Mirrors have all used mirrors to create scary scenes for the audience. In this seventh Amityville movie however, they fail to make the ugly mirror bring any real scares. And it’s not only the scare scenes that don’t work, even the love scenes fail here by looking like they were made for some 90’s erotic movie.

The movie does start well and gives a good setting for the movie, but just becomes dull and uninteresting after the first 25 minutes. The biggest error is to kill off Suki early on, since she was the most likeable character on the movie, even though she did turn evil. Keyes, who then becomes the main character has a douche hairdo and look which makes it hard to care about this guy at all. He’s like a lost character out of Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place, a struggling artist who tries to get by and all of that.

Another error is to use Robert Rusler (Weird Science, Nightmare on Elm Street 2) in a minor role. He is more than competent enough for a bigger part in a movie like this. Ross Patridge (Kuffs, Baghead) who got the part as Keyes, acts like a cardboard and looks like a douche. Damn douche. I might be a little to hard on the guy, but if you’re gonna be a good guy in a movie you cannot look like a big douche. Anyways, as I mentioned, Suki played by Julia Nickson (Double Dragon, Rambo: First Blood 2) is more interesting and quite delicious to look at and should have been the main character. Both Richard Roundtree (Young Warriors, Shaft) and Terry O’Quinn (Silver Bullet, The Stepfather) have smaller parts here. Kind of strange how the best actors in the movie got the smallest parts actually and that does say something about the casting choices.

While Amityville: It’s About Time benefited by having a director that knew what he was doing in Tony Randel, this one suffers because John Murlowski (Black Cadillac, Zombie Hamlet) was inexperienced at that time. This was his second movie and he is still working to this day, so perhaps he has become better with time and developed some originality and are able to add some personality to his movies. All of that is very lacking in this one though.

Amityville: A New Generation (I prefer the working title of Amityville: Image of Evil) is a mediocre entry to the Amityville movies. It lacks in scares, has a few good characters that sadly are the minor ones and lame main characters. It’s a decent watch, but nothing special.




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