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Amityville 1992: It’s About Time

amityville1992Genre: Horror
Year: 1992
Country: USA

Director: Tony Randel
Starring: Stephen Macht, Shawn Weatherly, Megan Ward, Damon Martin, Jonathan Penner


The terror returns with a vengeance


Jacob is a successful and busy architect. After being on a business trip, he comes home to his family with a new item to the household – an old clock that he got on a construction job out in Amityville. While the clock is starting to infest it’s evil in their house, Jacob gets bitten by a dog, becomes very ill and his ex-girlfriend Andrea decides to stay with him to watch over his teenage kids Rusty and Lisa.

Rusty starts to get strange hallucinations in his house. He confesses the new problems that have arisen in his house to Miss Wheeler, an old neighbor and his friend. She has also sensed bad things about their place recently and they start to investigate what might have caused this and finds out that the evil is related to the old clock that Jacob has brought to the house.

This is the second of the Amityville movies that has to do with some item that used to be in the legendary haunted house. I’m not sure why they though having the year of when it was made in the title, guess they didn’t see into the future that it would sound stupid several years away from 1992. A clock isn’t really any more scary than a lamp (se Evil Escapes), but they do make it work better here by making the clock become a bigger entity by drilling itself into the root of the house and just being better at what they do than the crew behind the Evil Escapes.

The movie is a prime example of early 90’s horror, both in its looks, pace and quality. And that’s not necessary a good thing since the 90’s sucked when it came to the horror genre, but this is actually not a bad effort. It doesn’t connect with the previous Amityville movies really and I’m gonna guess that it started by a screenplay called “It’s About Time” that was lying around til the producers thought they needed to produce a new Amityville film and thought the two things could mix together and work.

Tony Randel was a smart choice as director. He had done the first sequel to Hellraiser and also Children of the Night, two good horror films made in the same era. He also went on to do Ticks, which is another horror film of the early 90’s that I enjoyed a lot. His film future after that however seemed to sadly go downhill. He did make this into a fun film that didn’t take itself very seriously and I think this is basically as good as it can get when you get to the sixth movie in a series and also having to do with a movie where the evil is infested in a clock. The effects in the movie is also done quite nicely. Even though this wasn’t filmed in the original house, they did have a nice reference in having it in a modern house with similar “eyes” on top.

The cast does a decent job. Stephen Macht (The Monster Squad, Trancers 4) does a good job at being the douchebag dad, Shawn Weatherly (Mind Games, Shadowzone) is alright as the calm and caring Andrea, Damon Martin (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Ghoulies 2), who later became a producer, plays the viewer’s character Rusty, a metalhead with a good heart and finally the cute Megan Ward (Trancers 2, Encino Man) who plays his typical high school teenager Lisa.

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time is an alright movie to watch. It’s of course not close to being a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s entertaining enough to be one of the best sequels in the Amityville series and a good example that everything wasn’t crappy in the 90’s.




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