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The Amityville Curse

amityvillecurseGenre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Tom Berry
Starring: Kim Coates, Dawna Wightman, Helen Hughes, David Stein, Anthony Dean Rubes


A return to the most dangerous house in the world!


A group of friends has bought the Amityville house and is now working together to restore the famous haunted house. While doing so, strange events start to happen and after a while they realize that they might not be alone in their new house.

The Amityville Curse came out within a year from the previous entry, The Evil Escapes. This movie does however not take place in the original house and frankly doesn’t even look similar to it. The movie is almost like an attempt for a reboot or something since it doesn’t acknowledge the previous ones and tries to stand on its own.

The five characters who are in the house and has to carry to movie is underdeveloped and not very interesting. I can understand that they wanted to switch it up from having a regular family in the house, but a horror movie that has kids in it will almost always get more creepy. The actors are actually okay and professional and perhaps with a better screenplay they would be able to make something more out of their characters.

The Amityville Curse is directed by Tom Berry, who has worked as a producer in most of his career with mostly crappy stuff, and this was his third movie in the directors chair after doing Something About Love and Blind Fear. He tries to add some creepy stuff in the film, but is not able to make it work. Some scenes, for instance the one where a guy is hanged in a tree outside the house, could work if the rest of the movie was better. The end plot twist was really annoying and I cannot understand why they would want to go with that direction.

The lack of the original house takes away a lot here and it’s not a very well made movie, but it doesn’t get very boring at least. As a movie without connection to the Amityville series it would end up being an obscure movie. It’s not the worst of the series, but it is very mediocre and easily forgotten.




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    Your English is much less than “okay” and “professional”.

    – David Stein (Marvin, “Amityville Curse”)

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