Nov 26

Amityville: The Evil Escapes

amityville4Genre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Sandor Stern
Starring: Patty Duke, Jane Wyatt, Fredric Lehne, Lou Hancock, Brandy Gold



A team of priests run into the legendary Amityville house to get it rid of all demonic forces that has infested itself in its walls. All the evil of the house transfers to an ugly lamp, who later gets bought by an old woman and sent to her sister Alice as a funny gift. One of the priests who were a part of the house exorcism tries to hunt down the lamp to prevent the evil from living on.

While Alice receives this devilish lamp, her daughter Nancy moves in with her three kids after her husband recently passed away. Alice and Nancy have a rough relationship, but now has to quickly settle their differences and work together against the evil power of the Amityville house who have now settled in their own home.

It would take six years before we got a new entry into the Amityville story, after the disappointing results of Amityville 3. The return of the series would be made directly for TV. I’m not sure who decides that it was a great idea to have an evil lamp as the big villain of the movie, but what’s scary about a… lamp? Even if they tries to put an evil face in it… still not scary.

While the house was destroyed at the end of the third movie, it amazingly was rebuilt but not used after the opening scenes here. The scene where the group of priests run in to get rid of the evil is hilarious and is just done so funny that there is no way there can be built any tension after it. They went totally gung-ho with their bibles on that house.

The Evil Escapes is neither scary, fun or interesting. Director and writer Sandor Stern isn’t a very talented guy and was not able to do anything special with this Amityville entry. The enjoyable parts of it is done unintentionally and you will laugh more of the movie than I’m sure Stern would appreciate.

Amityville without the house is doomed to not work as well as the first movies. And if you’re gonna move the evil powers in something, choose something else than an ugly old lamp.




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