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The Amityville Haunting

amityvillehauntingGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Geoff Meed
Starring: Devin Clark, Jon Kondelik, Jason Williams, Nadine Crocker, Gracie Largent


The family did not survive… but the recordings did.


The Benson family gets a good deal on a new house that has a gruesome history and they decide to take it since they are forced to move from their previous home, thanks to the actions of their rebellious daughter and also because of their rough financial situation.

Violent things occur even when they are viewing the house before buying it and things continue to become worse after they move in. Their teenage son Tyler tries to document everything on his camera to make a documentary about his new home.

The Amityville Haunting, not to be confuses with the documentary that has the same title, is a haunted house story told with handheld cameras in the same way as Paranormal Activity. This actually “uses” so much from it that it could rather have been called Amityville: Paranormal Activity. Since I enjoy both Amityville movies and the countless movies done in the same way as Paranormal Activity, this could perhaps still be entertaining for me but it honestly is very poor.It is made by the production company The Asylum who are responsible for such crap as Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Titanic 2. They have a habit of using titles that resemble other popular movies at the time and is not the most liked company in the world. I don’t mind a little ripping off if there is some quality to find there though, but Amityville Haunting has none at all.

There’s no inspiration, no creativity, no suspense, no damn nothing. The first letdown is the opening credits that displays that this is not a movie, this is real. I can understand that when you do a movie filmed like this that you want to go for realism, but come on! Even the first Amityville Horror movie isn’t 100% real and people have been living in that same house for the last 25 years without any troubles, do your googling people! The second thing is that here the house is haunted by Ronald Defeo, the convicted murderer of the real killings in the house. The fact that he is still alive and in jail might make it hard for him to haunt any house? How insanely lazy and sloppy can you be to overlook something like that.

But yet, if the movie was good and scary than those things would be ignored. But there is nothing scary here to be found. Instead we get a family of five which consists of amateur actors), where the only one who gives an acceptable performance is the Gracie Largent as the little kid Melanie. Jason Williams plays Douglas the father, an ex-military guy who is a contender for the most annoying guy ever in a horror movie. He also goes apeshit crazy during the movie which becomes more funny than intense.

Most of the movie is filmed and narrated by the teenage boy Tyler, played by Devin Clark. Teenagers can be really annoying and to sit through an entire movie where the main character is this annoying and badly acted will quickly get on your nerves. This is the first movie that Geoff Meed has directed. He has had twenty years of acting experience before this and been in movies such as Kickboxer 5, Leprechaun in Space and Fast Five. He shows nothing here. No talent, nothing. When you make a haunted house movie, the scares should be pretty easy to incorporate, but he even fails on that department. After watching this I can say that I doubt he has seen even ten horror movies in his life. Please do something else in the future Geoff, try action movies or something instead.

Every character is obnoxious and everyone involved, in front and behind the camera does a shitty job. The Amityville Haunting is the worst Amityville movie and the worst found footage movie so far. If they tried to kill off the series and the subgenre then that might be the only thing they succeeded in.




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