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American Mary

americanmaryGenre: Horror
Year. 2012
Country: Canada

Director: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk, David Lovgren, Paula Lindberg


Appearances are everything


Mary Mason is a very promising young medical student who are struggling financially. She tries to get a job at a sleazy strip club, but the interview gets interrupted when a tortured man in the cellar underneath the strip club is in desperate need of medical attention.

Mary agrees to help out in exchange of a decent amount of money and her impressive work soon starts to get the attention of others who need some body work done that would not be done by a regular surgeon. These jobs introduces her into an underground world of body modifications, a world where she will find friends and enemies.

The gorgeous Katharine Isabelle, who has now been in quite a few horror films and can call herself a scream queen, plays Mary Mason. Isabelle has to carry the film and she does a good job in displaying the emotions of the character. My problem with the character has more to do with the writing. Yeah, she goes through some horrible stuff, but does that really make everything she does acceptable? It’s ok to have a complicated character instead of the stereotypical good and bad guys, but the viewer would be more invested in this film is they cared more about Mary, even though again Isabelle does make her more likeable than what she should be.

It’s funny how the filmmakers made the underground body modification world and the rich surgeon world equally strange. I’m guessing the filmmakers did this to sort of show that the body modification world shouldn’t be looked upon as something freaky and that the people who are into it are just as normal as the ones who might look more normal and successful on the outside.

While the film starts out interesting enough, it becomes a bit muddy after a bit and the last part lost me a little. The supporting characters weren’t very interesting to me and they didn’t really have any good way to end the story. The script could have used some more work to make the overall story become more interesting and it’s never a good thing when the ending is the least interesting part of your film.

American Mary is a decent watch, but with a tighter and more focused script it could have turned into quite a good little character study. Katharine Isabelle is lovely to watch, and she makes the film into a good experience, but the loose ends and dull last part of the film makes it a film I can’t really recommend anyone to seek out. But do give it a chance if you find yourself lacking anything else to watch.




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