Apr 12

Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story

AmazoniaGenre: Drama / Action
Year: 1985
Country: Italy

original title: Schiave Bianche: Violenza in Amazzonia
aka: White Slave, Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Catherine Miles Story, Forest Slave

Director: Mario Gariazzo
Starring: Elvire Audray, Will Gonzales, Dick Campbell, Andrea Coppola, Dick Marshall


Only one thing kept her alive


18 year old Catherine Miles travels from London down to the Orinoco River in the Amazon to visit her parents who owns a plantation field there. While out on a boat trip, they get attacked by a local tribe. Catherine’s parents are brutally slaughtered while she is drugged by a poisonous dart.

She is taken away by the tribe, led by a strong warrior named Umukai, and taken to their village. There she is sold to the highest bidder and kept captive. While also trying to adjust to life in the jungle with the tribe, she also tries to find a way to revenge her parents and also get out of the jungle and back to civilization.

Amazonia was released as Cannibal Holocaust 2 in several countries in Europe and I’m sure there was plenty of disappointed viewers who rented it expecting something grizzly and brutal. This film is something very different. Yeah, it does take place in the jungle and does feature a native tribe, but it’s not about “civilized” people vs. natives or anything like that. Instead it’s more of a drama about… love. Yes, love!

We spend a lot of time watching Catherine adjust to her new life and the relationship between her and Umukai, who she thinks is responsible for the murder of her parents. The story is told through flashbacks as Catherine is shown in the start of the film being interrogated in the court of law, for actions we will see at the end of the film.

Catherine is played by the french actress Elvire Audray (Scorpion with Two Tails, Ironmaster), who sadly died by taking suicide in 2000 according to IMDB. She is spends more time being naked than having clothes on in this film, looking fantastic and gorgeous, while her acting skills leaves a bit to be desired but are still better than what you would expect from an Italian “cannibal” film made in 1985.

The director of this film is Mario Gariazzo, who has also done a few other genre films that might be familiar to fans – including The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, Top Model and Brother from Space. He does take good use of the jungle setting, delivering some nice shots of the wild life. His narration skills also makes the movie work, which is surprising since it isn’t exactly a romance film you would expect going into this in the first place. The music is done by Franco Campanino and you can easily hear that he tried to emulate the theme song from Cannibal Holocaust.

Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story, or whatever else title you might prefer for it, is an easy watch. It’s a simple story told well in a nice jungle setting. If you are looking for another brutal cannibal film then this is not for you, if you just enjoy the Amazonian setting however then you might like it. And if you dislike it, then at least you will have plenty of scenes to enjoy the beauty of Elvire Audray.




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